BLM Asteroid Snare Drum MK2, a TR-606 style drum generator for your rack

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BLM (Blue Lantern Modules) Asteroid Snare Drum MK2 is a new TR-606-inspired snare drum generator module for Eurorack

Modular synthesis is a powerful tech for crafting unique signal paths. Not just with classic synth sounds. Drum machines can be implemented modularly just as deeply and versatile. There are dedicated modules for drum generation,etc. on the market. Connected to a good 

There are also dedicated modules for drum generators, etc. Connected to a good sequencer with probability, and trigger options, it surpasses the capabilities of a classic drum machine.  One part of a modular drum machine is a snare drum. A new one comes from Blue Lantern Modules. 

BLM Asteroid Snare Drum Mk2

BLM Asteroid Snare Drum MK2

The Asteroid Snare Drum MK2 is a new 16HP drum generator module inspired by the iconic Roland TR-606 drum machine. It’s the second generation with an improved feature set.

BLM’s new module remains a mini synth voice/sound generator consisting of three oscillators (two shell generators, a thud) and an “impact” noise generator. Each oscillator has a dedicated big black tune control.

Then, you can shape the “impact” noise with a carefully designed filter just for snare drum tone control. It offers 12dB highpass and 12dB bandpass filter options with cutoff and resonance (Q) controls.

The latter goes very high but without self-oscillating. There is CV control for the cutoff and CV control for the internal VCA. BLM added a new auxiliary audio input on the filter, allowing you to route external sounds.

Important: the Asteroid Snare Drum MK2 is not a classic oscillator with 1V/oct tracking, no FM, or the option to increase the decay length. Further, you can mix all four generators in the bottom-located mixer section to achieve the perfect snare sound.

According to the developer, it simulates wood-like snare sounds with a hollow character. Sounds can be played via the trigger input. It’s level-sensitive, allowing you to create quiet snare sounds using lower voltages.

First Impression

Looks like a solid snare drum module for Eurorack. Especially for fans of the TR-606 snare drum. 

BLM Asteroid Snare Drum MK2 will be available in October 2023 for $189. 

More information here: Blue Lantern Modules 

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  1. Love BL stuff! Cool to see the kick and snare come to fruition. I remember Flavio’s post about a Noisebug modular drum video inspiring him to create new drum modules. The new Ergot Organic Synth looks soo good.

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