Error Instruments Intros Acid Bee, Experimental Acid Baseline Synthesizer

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Acid Bee is a senor-controlled experimental baseline synthesizer developed by indie developer Error Instruments from the Netherlands

Error Instruments is one of the most special manufacturers of synthesizers. Often only made in small quantities,  hand-made and not available in large retail stores. This also applies to their latest development. Acid Bee is an experimental bassline Synthesizer/creator which is built in a very compact mini housing made of aluminum but sure.

The engine can be controlled with a built-in light sensor that is extremely sensitive. With this, you can control it in a different way. The closer you go, the faster and complex the patterns. More rhythmic elements can be added or cleared via the small knobs that are labeled -/+. The three big knobs let you change the timbre of the sound like the filters which are very deep.

Acid Bee

Acid Bee also offers two CV inputs with which you can modulate two big parameter knobs. It can sound rather clean but also quickly very snotty and dirty. At first look, a little noise machine with which you can certainly make interesting and unusual sounds.

Error Instruments Acid Bee is available now for 129€.

More information here: Error Instruments

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