Molécule – A French Music Producer Traveled To The North Of Greenland To Compose Electronic Music

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Molécule is an electronic music producer from France and like many, he has recorded a new album. Most of the time, you sit in a warm studio as a producer and play with your synths, drum machine etc. Molécule broke new ground for his new album -22.7°C and traveled to the north of Greenland.

For a period of time, he recorded there sounds from the environment with his field recorder, transformed them later in his studio and built around them his newest album. His record label describe its latest album in this words: “free spirit Molécule’s latest meta-sonic adventure led him north to Greenland. Upon his return, he produced a concept album — -22.7°C — named after the lowest temperature recorded during his trip to the confines of the Arctic Circle.

In keeping with his previous sonic project, 60°43’ North, a five-week odyssey aboard a trawler in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, -22.7°C springs from the same creative dogma: getting out of your comfort zone, confronting an extraordinary environment, capturing sounds and composing an album in situ without a single note being altered once the expedition is over“.

Molécule In The Parisian Elysée Montmartre

On March 8, Molécule played a live concert in the Parisian Elyée Montmartre and presented his latest album to the public. Interesting is his live setup. Often one expect for such music that setup is very DJ oriented, but on this evening it showed nicely that it’s possible to make dance music with a lot of different gear. Among other things, one finds a VCS3 or Buchla Easel Synthesizer, a Roland TR-8 (S), Elektron instruments and much more.

Streaming Via ARTE

There is a possibility to follow the whole concert again which I highly recommend. But I can not guarantee that the stream will work outside of Europe. The whole stream is available to re-watch until May of 7th, 2018.

More information here: Molécule 

Available here: Molécule -22.7°C 

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