Best Hardware & Software Music Tech (Plugins…) Deals For Easter

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Here you will find the best hardware & software (plugin, Kontakt libraries …) music tech deals for Easter 2020 at a glance.

There are good deals in the music tech world not only on Black Friday or Christmas but also at Easter. Yes, even if it is such a special Easter where we all have to stay at home. Many music tech companies have reduced the prices of their products with a huge discount. From hardware, plugins Kontakt libraries to presets,  almost everything is there.

I have compiled a list of good deals. Highlights are, for example, the 30% discount on Ableton Live 10, Novation Mono Station Synthesizer 50% OFF, UVI Falcon 2 for € 100 cheaper, iZotope Excalibur multi-effects for just $10 and many more.

music tech deals easter

The list will be updated in the next hours/days with the latest Easter deals.  And as always, if you use certain links from this music tech easter deals, you support the work of Synth Anatomy on the website and YouTube. Thanks for your support. You make Synth Anatomy possible

If you buy something from Plugin Boutique in April, you even get a plugin for free with every purchase. I hope you find something interesting here. More important: stay healthy and safe also during this special Easter weekend.

Sugar Bytes Easter Sale58% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
SoundSpot Vocal 5 for 5 Bundle99% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Image Line Gross Beat50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 27
E-Instruments50% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Pulsar Audio Spring Sale53% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 25
iZotope Clean Up Your Audio Sale77% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Loopmasters KHORDS Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
PreSonus Studio One Sale30% OFF (Up To)DAWPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
BeatSkillz RetroVOLT Intro Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 23
Polyverse Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle Sale33% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 16
Hexachords Orb Composer Sale 60% OFF (Up To)AppPlugin BoutiqueApril 13
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
SoundSpot Creative 5 for 5 Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
SoundSpot Mastering 5 for 5 Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
SoundSpot Serum Presets 5 for 5 Sale93% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Softube Chandler Limited® Zener Limiter Intro Sale33% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 8
Softube Chandler Limited® Zener-Bender Intro Sale44% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 8
Serato Sample Sale 40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2 Sale75% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueMay 4
iZotope Post-Production Reverb Sale67% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
iZotope PhoenixVerb Crossgrade Sale60% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
iZotope Excalibur Crossgrade93% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
iZotope RX 7 Standard Crossgrade Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
iZotope Everything Bundle Crossgrade Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
W.A Production Ascension 1.5 Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 11
W.A Production Mixing Bundle & Upgrade Sale90% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 27
Producertech Easter Sale50% OFFTutorialPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
Softube Modular Sale49% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Softube Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
DJ Swivel The Sauce Sale34% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Audiority XenoVerb77% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Surreal Machines Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Glitchmachines Deflect Sale (Exclusive)55% OFFSamplesPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Softube Harmonics Sale33% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Inphonik Sale51% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Glitchmachines Fracture XT Sale 50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 4
United Plugins Hyperspace Sale66% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 16
Melda Production Easter Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Initial Audio 808 Studio 2 Intro Sale41% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Loopmasters Easter Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
PreSonus Notion 6 Sale30% OFF (Up To)ApplicationPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Audiaire Sale25% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 18
PreSonus Studio One & Notion 6 Bundles Sale30% OFF (Up To)DAWPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
W.A Production MIDIQ Sale70% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 11
zplane ElastiquePitch 2 Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Leapwing Audio DynOne 3 Sale20% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Baby Audio Comeback Kid Intro Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Singomakers Fatmaker Sale41% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Cinematique-Instruments Hammered Dulcimer Sale30% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Resonance Sound Synth Presets Easter Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueJune 1st
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7.5 Sale14% OFFApplicationPlugin BoutiqueMay 4
Niche Audio Kore Intro Sale33% OFFSamplesPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Tone Empire Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 19
Beat Zampler Expansions Sale66% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 4
Kirnu Interactive Cream Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
W.A Production Pumped: Sylenth1 Future Bounce Essentials Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 18
NUGEN Audio: Staying At Home Staying Creative20% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
Initial Audio Sale79% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Singomakers Easter Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
BeatSkillz Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 19
KV331 Audio Spring Sale52% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 2nd
Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines Sale30% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueApril 16
AudioThing TX-101 Sale 70% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Kuassa 10th Anniversary Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Krotos Sale30% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 15
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic Bundle Sale 50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Soundiron Tone Morsels Sale34% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueApril 18
Serato Sample+ Bundle Sale44% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 14
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Sale92% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 18
JST Sale61% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Cherry Audio Voltage NucleusFREEPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 30
Sound Yeti Method 1 Sale25% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueJune 1st
Rob Papen Limited Edition Bundles & Upgrades Sale86% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueJune 1st
LP24 Serum Presets Easter Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
W.A Production Screamo90% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Stagecraft Compressor & Overdrive 5 Sale67% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Sound Yeti Collision FX Sale20% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueJune 1st
DopeSONIX Soul Town Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 13
SoundSpot Union Sale67% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Audiority Solidus VS8100 Sale55% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
W.A Production Pumped: Serum Riddim & Dubstep Essentials Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
FXpansion BFD Expansions & Groove Packs Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 11
SONiVOX Sale88% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 5
AIR Music Technology Xpand!2 Sale78% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 5
Air Music AIEP3 Complete Upgrade Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 5
AIR Music Sale91% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 5
AKAI VIP Sale87% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 5
Initial Audio AR1 Reverb Intro Sale80% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
McDSP Holiday Sale76% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 21
W.A Production Pumped: Spire EDM Essentials Sale50% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
denise Sale25% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 2
Photosounder Spiral Sale33% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Melda Production MSoundFactory Intro Sale33% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueJuly 31st
Positive Grid Sale40% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 16
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Pack Bundle Sale38% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueJune 1st
Organic Loops World Percussion Sale50% OFFSamplesPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Melda Production MMultiAnalyzer Sale61% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueApril 20
Frontline Producer Blues Sale50% OFFTutorialPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Voxengo Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Sturmsounds TURNER MK2 Sale30% OFFKontakt InstrumentPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Novation Bass Station & V-Station Bundle Sale84% OFFPluginPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Sunshine State Sale33% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Revival Sale33% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
BigKick Expansion Full Intention House Kicks Sale20% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Plugin Boutique Sylenth Preset Pack Sale33% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Loopmasters KHORDS Expansion Pack: LoFi Keys Sale33% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
Loopmasters Bass Master Expansion Pack: Seismic Bass Sale33% OFFPresetsPlugin BoutiqueMay 1st
UVI$100 OFF (Up To)PluginUVIApril 13
Waves Sale40% OFF + Free Plugin
VST Buzz Indie Kontakt Gem Week91% OFF (Up To)Kontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Rigid Audio Hypernode91% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
BigWerks The Redd Umbrella85% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Rigid Audio Granulat80% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Sampleso Floppytron Synth80% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
SampleTraxx Cinematic Bundle80% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Audiofier Abstrung76% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST Buzz April 21
Precisionsound Alpine Concert Zither75% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Dream Audio Tools Complete Guitar Bundle72% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Xclusive-Audio The Morpheus72% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Beautiful Void Audio Elixer Prepared Tape65% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
SampleHero The Hand Pan!61% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Ben Osterhouse Cello Textures60% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Audiowarp Blossom60% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Sonic Zest Glass Hand Drums60% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Synth Magic Vermon Synth60% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Synth Magic Vector X Bundle60% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Rhythmic Robot Platter55% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Rhythmic Robot Tubes & Wires55% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Castle Instruments Volt 253% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Soundethers Motion 50% OFFKontakt InstrumentVST BuzzApril 21
Frozen Plain Wraith
46% OFFPluginVST BuzzApril 21
LennarDigital Sylenth120% OFF
Code EASTER2020
PluginLennarDigitalApril 16
Synapse Audio Dune 3 Sale25% OFFPluginSynapse Audio
April 14
Ableton Live30% OFFDAWThomannMay 20
Neural DSP Plugin Sale30% OFFPluginNeutral DSPApril 18
Goldbaby Productions 30% OFF
SamplesGoldbaby Productions April 30
W.A. Production Royal Plugins Bundle78% OFFPluginAudio Plugin DealsApril 16
Novation Mono StationSynthesizer55% OFFHardwareNovationApril 30
Novation Launchpad Pro50% OFFHardwareNovationApril 30
Novation UK Reverb Store49% OFF (Up To)HardwareReverb.comApril 30

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