ASM Hydrasynth 1.4 Adds PhazDiff Mutant, New Noise Generators & More

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ASM updates their wave morphing Synthesizer Hydrasynth to version 1.4 with a new mutant, four new noise generators, improvements & bugfixes. 

Last year in September the ASM Hydrasynth Wave Morphing Synthesizer was announced without a teaser wave. The first device has been in the studios for some time now, no I don’t mean the influencers here who the devices earlier. Since the release shortly before the end of the last year, there have been some major updates for the Hydrasynth. At NAMM 2020, they introduced the update 1.3 that added MPE support and a warm mode. Two amazing new features.

Today, less than two months after this update, there is already the next major update with some new features. The highlight of update 1.4 is a new mutant called PhazDiff that generates the difference of the incoming wave and a version that is inverted and phase-shifted. With the depth control, you can control the phase and the dry/wet control mixes the original & this new shifted version. It’s not another pulse width modulation on a waveform but it creates some interesting phasing/chorus-like effects.

Hydrasynth 1.4

Further, it comes with new noise generator timbres and has now 7 noise types onboard. New are red, blue, violet and grey. Also, it offers two system improvements:

  • When you change SYSTEM SETUP, we now store the Tuning, Scope mode, LED Dim status and TempoLck parameters.
  • Bank change – Many people wanted a way to move to other patch banks quicker. Now if you press and hold SHIFT and turn the big knob, it will jump to the next or previous bank.

There are also a large number of bug fixes. My colleague and YouTuber Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit who was part of the sound designer team, has published a nice video where it shows the new features in detail.

Interview With The Makers

If you haven’t seen enough of the ASM and want to learn more about the history of Hydrasynth, I have a video for you. At NAMM 2020, I spoke to two developers of the Hydrasynth. On the one hand, Glen Darcey, which is still known from his work at Arturia and Dominic Au formerly Novation. Both are among the main characters in the development of the instrument, which also carries their design language.

For example, the modulation matrix layout comes from her love for the Oberheim expander. You can find more information in the video

ASM Hydrasynth 1.4 is available as a free update for existing customers. Hydrasynth is available in two versions, desktop for 899€ and with a keyboard & ribbon controller for 1399€.

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  1. question: now running version 1.1. befor update to 1.4 , do I need to update to 1.3 first for full improvement ?

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