Get IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 MAX with 33 virtual synth instruments for $/€49,99 (last day)

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The last day of the IK Multimedia group buy gives you the Syntronik 2 MAX with all 33 virtual synth instruments for just $/€49,99 USD + VAT (reg. 339€).

IK Multimedia currently has a no-brainer deal on its Syntronik 2 range. There is currently a group buy for the Syntronik instrument series on the official IK Multimedia website. The maximum level of 33 for the price of one Syntronik instrument has now been reached.

So you get the Syntronik MAX bundle, regularly sold for 339€, for $49,99/49,99€ + VAT. The price of a single instrument. An excellent deal on these virtual synth instruments if not the best deal so far on these.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 MAX

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 MAX

Syntronik is a virtual instrument plugin based on a mix of synthesis and samples. You get here a variety of ready-to-use instruments based on multi-sampled sounds from iconic vintage synthesizers. These can be edited and processed in a straightforward interface packed with features. So far, IK Multimedia has published 33 different instruments, 11 of them premiered in the Syntronik 2:

  • M-12: sounds from the Oberheim Matrix-12
  • GS-V: FM sounds from the rare Yamaha GS1
  • Syner-V: based on the digital keyboards Synergy DK2
  • OSC-V: sounds from the iconic OSCar hybrid Synthesizer
  • Megawave: Waldorf Microwave hybrid synth
  • Sorcerer: Moog Source analog Synthesizer
  • Pro-VS: Sequential Circuits Prophet VS vector synth
  • Triptych: Korg Trident
  • Obie One: Oberheim OB-1
  • KW-8000: Korg DW-8000 hybrid synth
  • CATO: Octave Cat SRM analog synth

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 libraries

Plus all the instruments initially released in the Syntronik 1 including sounds from the PPG Wave 2.3 (Blau), Moog Taurus series (Bully), Roland JX series (DCO-X),  the monster synth Alesis Andromeda (Galaxy), and more.

Syntronik Engine

All these multi-samples/sounds are embedded into a versatile engine with a newly-designed user interface. You get 4 layers (A,B,C,D) on which you can put different sounds and combine them. So you can craft completely new instruments from different iconic vintage sounds. Each layer offers four oscillators + 2 sub-oscillators, and a choice of different analog-modeled filters.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

There is also a huge multi-effects section with 71 fully-customizable stompbox like effects. Plus, you get a rich modulation engine with LFOs, envelopes, and more to add movement to your sounds. And in the player panel, you get a mighty arpeggiator and step sequencer for flexible and expressive rhythmic textures.

Users of SampleTank 4 also benefit from the option to load the Syntronik sounds inside the plugin. Thus, you can combine them with ochestral, pianos, and other sounds.

If you’re looking for vintage synthesizer sounds that you can play right away, you should not miss this deal. Here you get 210 GB of sound content with 5500 synth presets for unbeatable price.

The IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 GroupBuy aka MAX is available now for $49,99 USD/49,99€ + VAT from the official store.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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