Twisted Electrons Shares New MEGAfm Synthesizer Overview Video

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Twisted Electrons has released a new overview video of their new MEGAfm Synthesizer, a compact FM synthesizer that uses two Yamaha YM2612 FM chips 

At the time of NAMM 2020, Twisted Electrons announced the MEGAfm synthesizer, a new FM Synthesizer that is based on two YM2612 FM chips. Yamaha manufactured these chips in the past and could be found in the iconic Sega Megadrive/Genesis game console. However, MEGAfm is not a normal FM synthesizer but one that does a lot differently.

It only features 4 operators and 8 algorithms that can be selected directly on the interface. Each operator can be edited directly on the interface using various sliders. This makes the Megafm very hands-on and straightforward. This makes this FM synthesizer very interesting and you don’t get lost in a menu. This is primarily there to select the 600 onboard presets and save new ones. I also like the preset randomizer function, which can be used to build new sounds quickly.


MEGAfm is not yet available but the developer has released a new video with which you get a nice overview of the features and the interface. In this, I also noticed that the synth is much smaller than I initially thought. It’s a slim beauty.


  • 12 Voice Polyphony
  • Dual YM2612 FM chips (included)
  • 8 Algorithms
  • 600 preset memory (saving to any slot) arranged in 6 banks. Easy upload/download of banks to and from computer vis SYSEX.
  • Preset randomizer
  • 4 Voicing modes (Poly12, stereo/wide6, special CH3 mode, 12 voice unison with detune/fat knob
  • Stereo or Mono output (1 chip per channel or both chips summed)
  • 32 Sliders for total control of all 4 operators
  • 14 knobs
  • 15 buttons
  • 23 LEDS, LED numeric display.
  • 3 LFOs to modulate any parameter
  • 7-mode arpeggiator with transposable Sh-style step sequencer
  • Vibrato with depth and rate
  • MIDI clock on all LFOs, ARP and Vibrato
  • All faders/knobs send MIDI (use MegaFM to control your favorite modern FM synth!)
  • Full MIDI automation
  • Dual 6.35mm TS output and 6.35mm Stereo Headphones output
  • Brushed/Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Sturdy metal panel bolted potentiometers
  • DIN5 MIDI input with MIDI channel learn and thru/out

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm is expected to ship in April and will cost 474€ excluding VAT. Each unit is hand-assembled in France.

More information here: Twisted Electrons

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