Is This Radikal Technologies New Eurorack Or Desktop Synthesizer?

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Our friends from the German company Radikal Technologies published in the evening a picture on Facebook about a new Synthesizer. There is no information yet if it’s an Eurorack or desktop Synthesizer but it looks already very interesting.

First Careful Look!

What you will notice immediately is the familiar Radikal Technologies design. The developers remain true to their design of the Swarm Oscillator or EFFEXX module and have developed this new possible Synthesizer with the same design philosophy. I already like it very much. The question about the engine. What we can already see on the faceplate, it will be paraphonic engine but if this engine is analog or digital, is still an unanswered question.

Next question is: Eurorack or desktop!  Whether it is a Eurorack module, desktop device or both in one can not yet say. For a Eurorack module much speaks the individual inputs and outputs under the knobs. As you can see on the faceplate, it will have best known sections like a multi-mode filter, a mixer, a versatile modulation section, ADSR envelope, VCA and effects with dry/wet. Because we are talking about a paraphonic Synthesizer here, there will be probably only be one filter, but possibly a novel oscillator or even a simplification of the best-known Swarm oscillator. I can imagine that the developers has taken some of the DSP effects from the EFFEXX module and imported in this new Synthesizer. Would be logical in my opinion.

It’s currently a mockup /concept and not yet decided if they will release it. It would be cool to see a Synth with the swarm oscillator and the excellent effects from the EFFEXX modules in a smaller Synthesizer. Let us hope that they will develop and build!

Detailed informations, availability and price: TBA 

More information here: Radikal Technologies 

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