Plankton Electronics Ninja Stars, Small Audio & CV Helpers For Your Eurorack System

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Plankton Electronics today released Ninja Stars, small stylish passive audio & CV helpers with essential functions that take up no space in your Eurorack case.

Ninja Stars are real space savers. The small 3.5mm passive helpers in the design of throwing stars offer a range of functions that should be in every modular system: audio & CV hub, splitter, multiple and mix. However, the latter doesn’t mix your signals like a normal mixer. It’s more a try and error function with which unplanned and weird things can happen.

A big advantage of audio / CV hubs is their space-saving design. They do not take up any space in the modular and thus you can mount more sound generators and manipulators in your system.  Ninja Stars are tiny and exist in 4 types from 3 to 6 input/output configurations.

Plankton Electronics Ninja Stars


  • 3.5mm audio & CV hub/splitter/multiple
  • passive
  • 4 types: from 3 to 6 inputs/outputs
  • material: FR4 non-toxic fiberglass with gold coating
  • super small (38mm)
  • You can insert cables through the center hole in order to fix it on your modular noodle configuration
  • Very strong. Soldered on both sides
  • They are not a mixer. Weird things may result from mixing signals with it (use it to your convenience)

Plankton Electronics Ninja Stars are available now for 22€ and includes 4 in a pack.

More information here: PE

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