New Logic Pro X Version Leaked With Live Loops Feature

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Apple is working on integrating the Garage Band (iOS) Live Loops feature into the upcoming Logic Pro X update, according to a leak

It seems that the development team first test certain features in Garageband and then after successful tests incorporating them into their fully-featured DAW Logic Pro.

Apple Described The Feature In 2016 In These Words

It is designed to make it easy to create music like a DJ or electronic music producer. With Live Loops, you can play, edit, and arrange musical ideas in real time. Each musical phrase or loop exists in a cell in the Live Loops grid. Working in the grid, you can start and stop playback of cells freely, while keeping everything in sync. You can choose a Live Loops template which includes a set of instruments and prerecorded cells, or choose an empty grid.

There’s no indication of when Apple plans to release the next version of Logic Pro X. It was last updated three months ago with version 10.4.8, which included only minor bug fixes.

Also relevant here: they extended last week the free trial of Final Cut Pro X from 30 days to 90 days and added a new free 90 days trial for Logic Pro X.

Source: A. Education Website

More information here: Apple LPX

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