Neutron Sound Intros Dust Of Time, Multi-Engine Stereo Oscillator For Eurorack

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Neutron Sound shares first information about its new lovely designed Dust of Time multi-engine stereo oscillator for Eurorack 

Neutron Sound, a developer from Canada recently showed Dust Of Time, a new multi-mode stereo oscillator for Eurorack. The interface design looks very cool and strongly awakens the GAS syndrome. Real Eurorack panel porn in my opinion. Enough interface raving, inside there are a lot of tools with which you can build complex sounds.

Dust of Time is a stereo oscillator that is divided into different areas: oscillators (OSC), effects (FX), modulators (MOD), and I/O. Onboard are 8 different oscillator modes + sub-modes for each oscillator, sub-oscillator,  7 built-in effects, and many modulators. Update: the developer contacted me and said that the following algos are not yet certain. It is work in progress and changes can occur.

Dust Of Time


DOT features two main oscillator pairs each contain left and right individually calculated oscillators. Osc1 pair and Osc2 pair can be individually tuned, as well as global tuned on page 1. Each pair features different modes and sub-modes, each with two parameters. It includes a variety of different modes to choose from. From classic virtual analog, FM, wavetables to vocal synthesis. I’m not sure but some program names sound like algorithms from the Mutable Instruments Braids.

  • basic (sine, triangle, shsaw, CSAW, pulse)
  • xtens (sawswarm, 2xpwm, DC, XY AMP)
  • orgone (normal, x3, fix)
  • harmonic (all, even, odd, prime, note)
  • FM (all)
  • ring (braids, pm, loop)
  • voc sim (braids VOSIM)
  • WEedit (XY (read waveedit samples from SD card), 2Z, SAMP (play through the entire wavetable like a sample), 2gr)

There is also a sub-oscillator on board which is also a mod source tuned to 1 octave below global tune. It has a dedicated output and can be set to output other mod sources.


Besides the oscillators, Dust Of Time features various effects for further sound shaping adventures. These go very into the distorted and rough timbre area. Each effect processor offers up to 6 parameters:

  • softclip (soft clipping and amplification)
  • bitcrush (smooth fading between bitcrush levels)
  • fold (sine based wave folder)
  • WTF (chaotic averaging (still in progress)).
  • Samprt (sample rate reduction with no fading bit crush)
  • reso (shot delay with feedback and damping)
  • multimode filter

Interface is a bit rough, but patch load and save works, and MIDI program change! you can list all the patches (up to 128) load, overwrite, create new filename, save. with lots of annoying blinky text if you are going to overwrite an existing file,

Gepostet von Neutron Sound am Dienstag, 10. März 2020


On top of that, there is a wide range of different modulators onboard ranging from LFOs, DAHDSR envelopes and more.

  • 4 LFOs: tap tempo, reset to phase various waveforms, HZ readout
  • 4 DAHDSR can be looped or ADx number of time…
  • 2 Chaos: various chaotic attractors with an adjustable rate, each has x and y output available on mod source list
  • 2 fuser: mod sources can be multiplied, added etc.
  • 2 control: any pot or MIDI CC can be a modulation source
  • 5 CVs for pair 1, pair 2…

On the connection side, you have a stereo output (L & R) with a VCA that can be set to off, envelope 1-4, gate, or auto.  Also, two AUX CV outputs, four connections (A,B,C,D),  a 1V/Oct input, MIDI In and two pulse outputs.

Neutron Sound Dust Of Time stereo oscillator is currently under development. Price & release date TBA.

More information here: Neutron Sound 

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  1. Hi, the designer here, thanks for posting this, Just be aware these specs are not 100% set in stone and can still change as firmware advances. one example: “3res” effect was replaced by a multimode filter.

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