Omnitone Rosci, new budget Eurorack oscillator creates up to “111.7 quadrillion” waveforms

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Omnitone Rosci is a new budget digital Eurorack oscillator with which you can create hands-on up to “111.7 quadrillion” waveforms.

Digital in Eurorack is often associated with complex, endless options and screens with menu diving. The latter are disadvantages of such deep modules because you spend more time looking at the mini-screens than patching.

The new budget oscillator Rosci from the young Canadian company Omnitone shows this can be very hands-on and playful.

Omnitone Rosci

Omnitone Rosci

Rosci is a new 6HP digital VCO for Eurorack powered by a pipeline of algorithms that generates and modifies endless waveforms for you. Omnitones says it can generate approximately 111.7 quadrillion waveforms, which is impressive for this no-screen module.

The module has a unique hands-on concept. It works on a principle of key points: the generate button generates key point locations and amplitudes to be passed down the pipeline. All this happens directly on the module with six CV-controllable parameters without menu diving.

It starts with the complexity of the waveforms by setting the number of key points. The lowest complexity sets two points, and the highest complexity sets up to 20 points. The number of key points will vary with each waveform generated, says Omnitone.

Then, you can adjust the roundness that sets the type of interpolation of the key points from square to sine. Harmonics creates copies of the waveforms and adds them to the original waveforms at up to 6x of the base frequency. This gives you more complex, harmonically-rich waveforms.

Formants apply pulsar synthesis to your waveforms. They maintain the frequencies, but the synthesis squishes it so that there is an “empty space” in between them. This adds the typical formant style of voice singing elements. And of course, you can also apply a classic detune to your waveforms.

Using the triggerable Generate button you can create an endless number of new waveforms with set parameters. They can be very complex but also classic, like a sawtooth, sine, or square.

First Impression

A really exciting concept for a digital oscillator. The price is also very tempting. What I miss here is the option to save the generated waveforms so that you can keep them for later. Maybe we’ll see this in a Rosci Mk2 or Pro version.

Omnitone Rosci is available now for $250 CAD/176,19€ 

More information here: Omnitone / Etsy

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    • $250 Canadian dollar is under 200€. For a small company and Eurorack it’s budget. Making an original Eurorack oscillator under 100€ or even 150€ is super difficult for a tiny company. The only that can do it is Behringer but they have the own factory for this in China.

      • Scgeiss auf das unternehmen budget ist budget für die kunden und das ist für keinen ausser reiche säcke budget. demnächst ist alles budget wo nicht die teuersten auf den markt verwendeten rohstoffe. Bei preiswert gehts nicht darum ob die firma das für sich preiswert herstellen kann sonder ob ichs preiswert kaufen kann im synth markt ist rein garnix budget ausser behringer alles total überteuert.. Multiples für 20 – 60 euro passiv, 20-60 für 8 klinkenbuchsen und ne metallplatte lol…

        • dann wird es Zeit dass du mal ein Synthesizer Unternehmen gründest und das änderst 😉 Bin gespannt

  1. Saw a video of this recently and I am impressed. CV over everything? Sounds good to me! Good size & price.

  2. ‘Formants apply pulsar synthesis to your waveforms. They maintain the frequencies, but the synthesis squishes it so that there is an “empty space” in between them.‘


    I suggest you read Curtis Roads – Microsound to get a better understanding of Pulsar Synthesis.

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