Ableton Loop Summit For Music Makers Postponed Until April 2021

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And the next music tech conference got it. Ableton Loop 2020, which takes place in Berlin at the same time as the Superbooth 2020, was canceled today due to Convoid 19 (Corona Virus). The event will not be postponed to a later moment in 2020 but it will take place in April 2021. Ok, a whole year shift

At the same moment, we have to ask ourselves: what’s next with the Superbooth 2020? Will it take place, postponed or even canceled? We still have no news from the organizers.

Ableton Loop 2020

Official Statement

We have taken the decision to postpone the Loop Summit until April 2021. 

The health and safety of our attendees is our concern above all else. The Berlin Health Administration has already announced a ban on large-scale events until mid-April 2020. Given the international nature of our event, we are not confident that we can ensure well-being to a level that is acceptable for us to deliver Loop in six weeks’ time. We are deeply saddened to be forced to take this step but consider it essential in the face of the ongoing viral outbreak, and the guidance we have received from authorities.

Alongside health considerations, we’re mindful of travel restrictions/cancellations as the situation develops globally. We cannot accept a Loop that is any less than what you expect from us, and we do not want to push forward at the expense of those who cannot make it through no fault of their own.

We sincerely hope that all those who planned to attend Loop can reschedule plans to join us in 2021. We’re fixing dates with our venues, and have begun a dialog with all of our partners, artists and speakers, all of whom we hope to rebook. 

We’ve developed a wonderful program that we’re proud of and our aim is to deliver in April 2021 the same Loop that we’ve been devoted to for the last 18 months.

Though it cannot relieve the inconvenience this will no doubt cause many of you, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported Loop – ticket holders, all those we’ve booked and their representatives. We humbly ask for patience as we manage the transition to a new date, and support the needs of all those affected by this change.

More information here: Ableton Loop

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