Synth.BT, Small Space Saving Passive Modular Synthesizer Tools From Australia

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Synth.BT ‘s are small passive modular synthesizer tools available as a DIY/pre-soldered version that does not take up your valuable space in your Eurorack system.

If you want to work flexibly with your Eurorack Synthesizer, you can’t get past utility modules. These include multiples, attenuators and more. The problem of these modules is known to everyone. They take away the valuable space (HP) in a system. The Australian video Synthesizer manufacturer Cat Full of Ghosts has a solution for this. It takes up no space, is cheap and works outside your system.

Synth.BT are super handy passive modular synth tools that can do a lot in a small space. The functions that are actually known from modules have been divided into small mini bits and made available outside the modular. These are available as a one kit that is simple to build and really useful. Put one of these packs in your cable bag and always be ready to solve those synth routing problems live, or in the studio

Synth BTs

Synth.BT ‘s are a beautiful matt black PCB with gold ENIG finish. Reminiscent of a model plane kit, you build up the board, solder it and then cut out the different components to create:


  • 2 X 4-way multiples
  • 2 X touchpads
  • 1 X 3.5mm to ¼’ adapter
  • 1 X 3-in-1 out gate combiner
  • 2 X attenuators with mute and stutter

Synth.BT is available as a bare PCB, kit or a pre-built PCB with jacks and other components already soldered. A blank PCB starts at AU$ 15, a kit for AU$ 40 and a pre-built PCB for AU$69. Shipping starts in February.

More information here: Cat Full Of Ghosts

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