J74 SliceShuffler, A Performance Oriented Audio Slicer Sequencer For Max For Live

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Fabrizio Poce a.k.a J74 has today released SliceShuffler, a new Max For Live device for Live 10 that lets you cut and sequence any audio material very musically

For 12€ (without VAT) this new tool for Live 10 can transform and re-arrange your tracks completely. It buffers incoming audio and allows you to slice, manipulate and re-sequence them in real-time. This new M4L device has been created for rhythmic materials so it works nicely with drum loops and other stuff. But it can be used also on any other audio material.

According to the developer, SliceShuffler is made for real-time performance so better say: manipulate, mix snapshots, variate and randomize the sequences and more. It offers also a performance-friendly (undo) function that allows you to go back when the manipulation progresses does not fit to the track. Just press it and it reverts to a known state.

J74 SliceShuffler


  • Free slice re-sequencing of the captured audio buffer.
  • Tempo synchronized, with up to 32 steps (32 beats, 2 bars of buffered audio),
  • Probability sequencing lanes to add variations and evolutions over time.
  • Sequenced-slice can independently be reversed, muted and/or panned.
  • Slice direction can be sequenced with probability of variation.
  • Parameter Locking: it can sequence any parameter in Ableton Live.
  • Drive gain and compressor at the output stage (for overdrive and saturation).
  • Snapshots: save and recall snapshots, also for mixing during performance (hitless recall).
  • Performance functions: randomize, freeze, shift, reverse. All possible in real-time.

J74 SliceShuffler is available now for Ableton Live 10 or higher for 12€ ex. VAT. It requires Max for Live.

More information here: J74

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