Crazy Tube Circuits Intros Splash MK IV Reverb & Space Charged V2 Pedals

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At NAMM 2020, the Greece developer Crazy Tube Circuits introduced updates for its lovely guitar pedals, Splash MK IV reverb & Space Charged V2 

One of the most beautiful and lush sounding reverb pedals currently on the market is the Splash pedal by the Greece company Crazy Tube Circuits. Many should be aware of this because one algorithm is built into the Dreadbox NYX II semi-modular Synthesizer.

It makes me all the happier that the company presented a new version at NAMM 2020. The new version features all beloved algorithms from the MK3 version but also 3 new ones: two modulated and one flanged freeze reverb algorithm.

Splash MK IV Reverb

In total are now 8 different algorithms onboard: the exciter, moderate-sized, large, plate-style, shimmer, modulated I, modulated II and flanged-freeze reverb. On top, they added the extra flexibility of controlling decay and excite controls on all algorithms via an external expression pedal and/or the on-board footswitch thus creating the ultimate ambient tones. On the

Space Charged V2

Besides the new Splash MK IV reverb, there is also the new Super Charged V2. It still offers the warm tube tone of the V1 but they added gain and volume boost function to spice up your solos. Well, that’s for guitarists.

Space Charged V2

The core real-tube overdrive circuit, courtesy of a 12AY7, is exactly the same but they listened to the customer feedback and updated the tone control with a wider range for brighter sounds available and also included a tight/fat switch to shape lower frequencies.

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK IV Reverb will be available in February for 199€ and Space Charged MK II for 239€ in March.

More information here: Crazy Tube Circuits

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