Behringer Intros 3-Tier Eurorack Stand For Their 104HP Case & Synths

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Behringer is again showing a new product, this time one that will be useful for many musicians: a 3-tier Eurorack stand for 104HP cases and synths.

Another B product in January, but this one will probably fall into the category: very useful and very cheap. It is not a new Synthesizer or drum machine but a 3-tier Eurorack stand. Yes, I am reporting on a kind of shelving system. IKEA News will probably come in the future. Joking asides.

This Eurorack stand is a super useful accessory for owners of 104 HP synthesizers and cases from Behringer like the Neutron, Model D, CAT…  With this tool, which will probably be available very cheap, you can easily transform your individual synths into a complete system without converting them to another case.

Behringer Eurorack Stand

Flexible Sizes

There is a similar system from Moog for Mother 32 and DFAM, but they did something not clever in the design. It is limited to one size. Behringer took the idea from Moog but made it flexible. So you can use synths with 70 HP (Model D, Wasp, CAT), 80HP  (Neutron, K2, Pro 1), or the 104 Eurorack skiff. With a few screws on the back, the Eurorack stand can be easily adjusted to the right size.

However, the problem with such a system is the power supply, where you normally need three power supplies. If Behringer were to bring out a large power supply for three synths, it would be perfect.

There is currently no information about the price and availability of the Behringer Eurorack Stand. The Moog version costs € 79. one can assume that it will cost less than half, so like 30€ to 40€.

More information here: Behringer

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