Synapse Audio Teases Obsession, Oberheim OB-Xa Inspired Poly Synthesizer Plugin

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Synapse Audio teases Obsession, an Oberheim OB-Xa inspired virtual analog Synthesizer plugin for PC & Mac that makes you obsessed

The Arturia OB-Xa V is not on the market for a week, there is already a next Oberheim-inspired Synthesizer plugin. Synapse Audio teases Obsession, a new  virtual analog synth that probably reproduces the sound of Oberheim synthesizers.

It is not known whether Synapse Audio publishes an OB-Xa or OB-X emulation or a combination.

Synapse Audio Obsession


Synapse Audio makes speculating a little more difficult because they have not adopted a known interface from an vintage Oberheim Synthesizer. Arturia, for example, has completely taken over the interface design of the OB-Xa. Five sections can be seen here: PB, MW, control, common/master, modulation, pulse width, oscillators, filter, 2 envelopes, voice adjustment edit, active/mute voice.

However, a closer look at the teaser recognizes that this is an OB-Xa. Especially the oscillator and filter structure indicate this very much.


You don’t get much of the sound quality of the Obsession Synthesizer in the teaser. The title of the synth promises obsession, so the expectations are very high. If the plugin is as good as the Minimoog emulation The Legend, then the Arturia OB-Xa plugin will face stiff competition. The Legend sounds formidable and sounds extremely close to the original Minimoog.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

More information: Synapse Audio

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