Future Retro is back with new management and product releases

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Future Retro is back with new management, product re-releases including Vectra Synthesizer, and upcoming new products. 

Last July it was announced that Future Retro is going out of business. A very sad news when you look at the popularity of the company and its products.

In the whole mass of closures, however, there is now good news again. As has now been announced, Future Retro has been saved and will continue under new management.

Future Retro Management

Future Retro New Management

The good news: Future Retro is back and the current products are being produced again. This also includes the super exciting Vectra Synthesizer. They say:

“Website is currently down but we are working to repair this. We should be shipping Vectra synthesizers by December. Transient, Trax, and Midi Buss forthcoming. New team, big plans, new products and re-releases. Stay tuned!”

It’s a new management in which the founder Jered Flickinger is no longer involved in day-to-day operations. It’s not sure yet but they hope to keep him involved as part of the design team. That would be a very welcome move by the new owners.

Very curious about how this will continue. The best thing is that Future Retro is back. With the same name and existing products

More information here: Future Retro 

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  1. This is not simply the result of the supply chain issues that have plagued many other mismanaged operations, and yet the “new” management wants the founder involved somehow still. These are novelty products, and new the management will end up at the same destination as the old management.

  2. This looks like my dream synth: compact, easy to carry, combines arguably the best of both worlds (digital oscillators with 6 different analogue filters), a keyboard with velocity and aftertouch that begs for experimentation, arpeggiator + sequencer + 5 LFOs + 6 complex loopable morphing envelopes + a complex mod matrix + a whole host of other features… The 4 joysticks alone would cost one more in Eurorack than the entire synth. I wish it had movement recording for at least one of the joysticks; 4 CV ins & outs would make it fit into a lot more setups; and the price is a touch out of my reach right now – but it is an absolutely amazing piece of work, regardless of who is behind it.

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