Behringer Teases Moog Modular 921 VCO Clone In Euroack For NAMM 2020

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In a new video teaser for NAMM 2020, Behringer shows us small bits of the Moog Modular 921 VCO clone in Eurorack.

Already yesterday Behringer released a video teaser which may show a clone of the Roland TR-606 drum computer. Today, there is another teaser showing a possible clone in Eurorack of the best-known Moog Modular 921.

You can see in this video the words “Frequency” and “Rectangular Width” which we know from the Moog 921 VCO in 5U. Also, you can see a hint of “+-6”, “Oct”, “Range” and “Audio which gives more clues to this VCO.

Behringer 921 VCO

Behringer 921 VCO & Moog Modular Clone?

It’s not a secret that Behringer wants to clone the entire Moog Modular system in Eurorack. The first modules were also installed in the Eurorack Go case. In this introduction video, we could already see the 923 Filters, 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter, 911 Envelope Generator as well as the CP3A-M module.

This 921 VCO  would be the next step in the entire Behringer Moog Modular clone. We are looking forward to January 16, when Behringer reveals more about it and also gives the answer for a possible TR-606 clone called RD-6.

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