Pure Acid Turns Your iPhone/iPad Into A Roland Inspired Acid Groovebox

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Pure Acid turns your iPhone / iPad into a flexible groovebox on the go that is packed with a Synthesizer & drum machines inspired by the legendary Roland 303, 808 and 909.

What a comeback from Jim Audio. Already with Poison-202 Synthesizer and Groove Rider GR-16, the developer has released stunning iOS apps in the past. According to the developer, the app is designed to bring back the feeling of retro analog gear in every detail in terms of sound. Also, he wants to provide new functions previously unavailable in the original devices to make your music creation workflow fast and fun.

Pure Acid features a TB-303 style bassline Synthesizer and drum machines inspired by the Roland. TR-808/TR-909. The latter features 35 different classic drum sounds with ability to tune it. Both instrument sections are fully customizable and offer a wide range of different parameters. Further, it offers a mixer section that includes 14 different effect processors with XY-pad controls. The app does not have AUv3 (future update confirmed) but it supports AudioBus, AUM and Inter-App Audio (IAA).

Pure Acid

I lean far out the window but in my opinion, Jim Audio has developed the unofficial successor to the Propellerhead Rebirth app here. Stunning development in my opinion. This app is for anyone who loves Acid and not just for iPad musicians but for any musician with an iPhone/iPad.


  • supports Ableton Link, AudioBus, Inter-App Audio, Core Midi, Virtual Midi In, Bluetooth Midi In
  • audioBus state saving support
  • 64-bit sound engine
  • Midi Learn
  • Note: AUv3 support is not implemented yet, but it is planned in the future updates.

Bassline Section

  • 2 classic bassline waveforms: Saw and Pulse
  • classic knobs: Tune, Cutoff, Resonance, Env Mod, Decay, and Accent
  • Distortion effect with amount, HPF and Boost knobs
  • filter LFO with rate and depth knobs

Pure Acid

Sequencer Section

  • up to 12 bassline patterns can be stored in one preset
  • up to 32 steps per each bassline pattern
  • patterns can be chained together to create more complex patterns
  • pattern Tempo and Swing parameters
  • Gate parameter, which allows you to adjust bass note lengths
  • Pattern Editor allows you to copy, transpose patterns, shift notes left/right, insert or delete a note, variate (randomize all note properties expect pitch), shuffle (randomize notes order only), reverse and compose patterns using Bassline Composer function
  • onscreen keyboard allows you to enter bassline notes in a comfortable way. You can also record basslines in realtime.

Drum Section

  • 16 independent drum parts
  • 35 different classic drum sounds with ability to tune your own drum kit
  • each drum part sound has its own parameters: Tune, Decay, Attack/Snap/Color, FX A send, FX B send, Boost, Pan, Level
  • up to 12 drum patterns and 4 drum fill patterns per preset
  • 16 steps per each drum pattern, with ability to add 16 “backbeat” steps between main steps
  • patterns can be chained together to create more complex patterns
  • Swing and Flam features
  • Total Accent part with adjustable total accent value can give you ability to “highlight” specific steps in your drum pattern

Mixer Section

  • 2 mixer channels: Bassline and Drums
  • Drive effect for each channel
  • 2 send effect pedals: FX A and FX B
  • 14 send effect types
  • send effect can be routed to either master output, MFX or another send effect (FX A -> FX B), which allows to chain several effects one after another
  • MFX pedal with 22 effect types to choose from
  • FX A and FX B send amount knobs for each mixer channel
  • XY-pad on each effect pedal to control their parameters
  • Master Limiter effect to prevent sound clipping

And More

  • Unlimited number of user presets
  • 65 factory presets
  • Audio export to wav file (16, 24 or 32 bit)
  • Preset / Bank Share function
  • Selectable UI color schemes with ability to adjust colors manually
  • Designed for both iPad and iPhone

Pure Acid by Jim Audio is available now for $9.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Jim Audio

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