P.moon Released 14 New Modules For Voltage Modular Synthesizer

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P.moon, a new software company has today released 14 advanced modules for Voltage Modular Synthesizer plugin for PC & Mac. 

With this new release, the number of available modules in Voltage Modular is growing to 500. Some of them are free, but most of them are pay addons.

P.moon’s first line of modules are cybernetic circuits mainly designed to help build up complicated control systems. Some of these modules will allow you to do some unique and creative things, like cascading sequencers and setups for complete melodies.

Voltage Modular P.moon

P.moon release includes:

  • Pulser ($10): Each of six channels creates a five volts pulse each time, when input voltage exceeds 2.5 volts. (low – high ramp) Pulse duration can be adjusted from 1 ms to 10 sec in three ranges: 1 to 100 ms, 0.01 to 1 sec, 0.1 to 10 sec. Channel inputs may be coupled with LINK toggle buttons.
  • Multi Divider ($10) contains six counters, that can vary in function. Each counter can operate once (as timer) or continuously (frequency divider). With LINK option a continuously working counter can trig following counter. Preset values are possible from 1 to 9999.
  • controllers, 2 free button controllers (4/2 and 2/1)
  • CV Meter Utility ($10): slim triple digital DC vol-meter. Display control voltage or tone, that is represented by CV value.
  • Tool Set 1 ($10) is a bundle that contains simple modules that can be very helpful (buttons 2/1, buttons 4/2, logic 8 to 1, switch 1 to 8, switch 8 to 1)
  • Tool Set 2 ($10) is a bundle of modules: check cv, keyb to gate, limits & transform
  • Sequencer Kit ($10) with these modules you can start to build unlimited step sequencers.

P.moon modules are available now in the Voltage Modular store. During Black Friday, you can save up to 76% OFF on VM products. Check out all Black Friday deals here.

More information here: Voltage Modular

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