Nozoid’s Multifunctional Nozori Eurorack Modules Are Now Available For VCV Rack

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Nozoid Nozori are multi-functional Eurorack modules with interchangeable faceplates and now available as software emulation for VCV Rack.

With the Nozori 68 and 84, the French manufacturer Nozoid has two interesting Eurorack modules at the start with a different concept. These modules hide a lot of functions like different oscillators, LFO, step sequencer, effects and more. Similar to the Disting Mk4 from Expert Sleepers but with better control and a very different algorithm set. Especially in the sound generators, you can find very unique sounding oscillators that you will find nowhere else.

The Nozori modules work without a display but come with many interchangeable faceplates with which you can adapt the module, depending on which algorithm is selected. For me, the concept is very different and I’m glad to hear that the modules are now also on VCV Rack.

Nozoid Nozori VCV Rack

First Impression In Software Form

The decision to offer the Nozori modules as a VCV rack version is clever because it makes the module series better known. Furthermore, one gives interested parties a chance to test the modules themselves, without rushing into costs, so a kind of demo version for Eurorack.

These demos are only known in the plugin world but here it’s the full version of the code. At the moment of writing this article, there is only the Nozori 68 which includes 23 different algorithms including different oscillators, bit-crusher, granulator, delay, wave-shaper & more. The Nozori 84 will be available later with other functions.

For those who are interested in the Eurorack hardware version, I have created a sound demo that shows some of the unique oscillator algorithms.

Nozoid Nozori VCV Rack is available now as a free download from the VCV plugin library. Donations are welcome. The hardware versions of the Nozori 68 & 84 are available for 249€ each.

More information here: Nozoid 

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