Auditor Is A Modern & Feature Rich Audio Editor For iPad With An Intuitive Interface

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Auditor is a new fast and efficient audio editor with advanced features (chopping, blending…) for the iPad made by the developers of the Lay-R Synthesizer app.

The developers of Auditor are not unknown. This is the same team that developed the monster synth Lay-R for iOS. For them, it was important to bring an audio editor to iOS that is fast, modern and efficient.

For example, they designed the editor window for touch screen workflows so there is no chance of accidentally losing your selection. Besides this, Auditor offers a lot of clever and handy features like multi-layer editing modes, easy file management, batch processing from the file browser or the option to crossfade loops.


A very interesting Audio Editor for iOS, which is certainly only at the beginning. I think many updates will follow here.



  • Extremely simple import and export directly to and from any location in the Files environment.
  • Import and export to and from many file formats.
  • Macro based multi-file batch format and rate conversion direct from the file browser.
  • Single file and region-based multi-layer editing modes with mixable bouncing to new layers.
  • Loop tools for creating crossfade loops and (planned for a near-future release) tools for slicing and stretching.
  • Full multi-step undo.
  • Rapid and efficient locating, scrolling and zooming.
  • Customizable Tool Bar and Transport Bar, (choose which editing functions you want available on buttons).
  • A simple record function with support for hardware inputs from attached audio interfaces.
  • Light and dark color themes.
  • Split-screen and Drag & Drop compatibility.

Auditor by Living Memory Software is available now for an introductory price of $6.99 USD.

More information here: Living Memory Software

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