Northern Light Modular euEM, A Eurorack Module That Gives You Full Control Of MIDI Controllable Effect Pedals (H9…)

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Northern Light Modular euEM is a Eurorack controller module that allows you to control effects pedals like the Eventide H9 from your system. 

Large HQ effect processors for Eurorack systems are still a bit rarer in the market. The implementation of the layout can cause problems (too many menus, …), too expensive or simply the CPU power of such multi-fx is very high and hard to implement in a module. But I assume that we will also see such processors in the Eurorack, SynthTech recently introduced Hyperion that goes in that direction.

An Eventide H9 would be a dream of an effect processor for Eurorack. Even though it is not yet available for Eurorack, you can now use this even better with a modular system. Northern Light Modular recently introduced the euEM, a Eurorack module that gives you full control of MIDI-controllable effect pedals. You can control the effects not only from this module but also modulate them with CV.

Northern Light Modular euEM

euEM offers for this 10 channel CV to MIDI controls with presets matching to best-known effect processors like from Eventide (H9), Strymon Volante and more. The euEM features also

  • 10 controls for CV offset
  • 10 CV inputs to animate those controls
  • 10 attenuverters to limit the CV positively or negatively
  • Up to 4 Midi devices can be controlled simultaneously in live-mode

Demonstration Of The 2EM Buchla Version

Besides effect pedals, you can also control VSTs, external synths and everything else that makes MIDI in. Further, it has 6 banks, 4 loaded with presets and 4 user-configurable. Plus, it features:

  • note on/off
  • velocity & aftertouch
  • timecode generation from LFOs, pulses or any other signal.

This Eurorack module is a limited edition of the 2EM pedal controller which is available for the Buchla 200 series. Interesting, the same developer also offers the Eventide H9 as a Buchla module. It’s time for a Eurorack version! I have discovered this very exciting module on the FB page of Richard Devine.

Finally got the EvenMidi 3U ultimate controller for the Eventide H9 Max ? #northernlightmodular

Gepostet von Richard Devine am Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019

Northern Light Modular euEM costs 300€ and is available in limited units. Currently, it is sold out.

More information here: Northern Light Modular

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