Make Noise Tape & Microsound Music Machine, A Stereo Live-Sampling System On Steroids

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Tape and Microsound Music Machine is a unique stereo Eurorack Synthesizer system that allows you to capture and manipulate external sounds in a complex way.

Speaking of a Synthesizer one expects a classical subtractive design with oscillators, filters, etc. There are exceptions like the systems of Buchla or Make Noise which follows a West Coast approach. The latter now goes a completely different way with the Tape and Microsound Music Machine Synthesizer.

Make Noise’s latest release is a small stereo system that is devoted to capturing external sounds and sculpting them into new ones. Just what a sampler does: record audio and deform it. Here, however, in modular form and much more complex. It has 104 HP and features 7 best-known MN modules in one compact system.

Make Noise Microsound Music Machine

Morphagene To Mimeophon

The Tape and Microsound Music Machine Synthesizer features a Morphagene module that plays the role of the oscillator. It operates as a recorder that also allows the artist to mulch, layer, and re-arrange the sound and manipulate the speed and direction of playback. It’s like sampler with granular and other unique features on steroids.

Further, it includes the new QPAS (Quad Peak Animation System) stereo filter that can offer stereo sculpting of the spectrum in a unique way. Also, a Mimeophon is onboard, a super creative effect processor that repeats sounds like no other delay/echo processor in the Eurorack world.

Modulation Madness In Stereo

On the modulation side, the TMMM Synthesizer features the well-known Wogglebug, a complex random voltage generator, and the near-legendary MATHS, a dual analog control signal generator.

The final signals are routed in the XOH module that allows you to mix them in stereo and output them.  All this is built into a 3U skiff case.


  • Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Voltage Controlled Stereo Repeats and Halos: Mimeophon
  • Voltage Controlled Stereo Granularization: Morphagene
  • Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
  • Dual analog control signal generator: MATHS
  • Signal Distribution and fan out: MULT
  • Voltage-controlled multi-mode multi-peak stereo filtering: QPAS
  • Stereo mixing and final outputs: XOH
  • 3U Skiff w/ power supply
  • Patch cables
  • Blanking panels as appropriate (selection may vary)
  • Total hp: 104  (Utilized hp: 94)

Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine is available now for a special price of $2120 USD (retail value $2281 USD).

More information here: Make Noise 

Make Noise TMMM is available now for pre-order at our partner


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