Novation Released Bass Station 2.5 Update: Paraphonic Mode, Envelope Retrigger & More!

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Happy Birthday Bass Station Synthesizer and the new firmware update features a paraphonic mode, envelope retrigger, filter tracking and more!

Before 25 years, Novation released the first Bass Station analog Synthesizer. To celebrate this, the UL based company has released today a major firmware update 2.5 for the latest Bass Station 2 Synthesizer. The new update adds a paraphonic mode, filter tracking, envelope retriggering and a new oscillator error feature.

It’s great to see that Novation released also updates for older products in the lineup. This is a big surprise and nice gift for BS2 users.

Novation Bass Station 2


Nothing out there sounds this warm, fat and dirty. Bass Station II is our pure analogue monosynth. We based it on our classic Bass Station, then enhanced every area to make it even bigger, angrier and more versatile. It has two tuneable oscillators, a sub-oscillator for enormous bass, plus noise and ring modulation. It also gives you two distinct analogue filter types: the classic multi-mode filter and a new acid filter, for a massive variation in sonic possibilities.

New Features

Paraphonic mode

Bass Station II is now a paraphonic monosynth, because you can control the pitches of each of the two oscillators separately in its single-voice architecture. Play two notes at a time rather than just one and get interesting interactions through the Ring and Filter Mod.

Filter tracking

Filter tracking was one of the most requested features. The filter includes variable keyboard tracking in Bass Station II v2.5 – the best for matching higher notes to increased brightness.

Envelope retriggering

Bass Station II’s secret sound-design weapon is envelope retriggering. It’s now possible to configure your envelopes to retrigger once the decay stage has ended, opening up a whole range of new possibilities.

Oscillator error

Oscillator error introduces a small and adjustable random detune on each note-on event. This can be used to generate some very beautiful, subtle (or not) musical dissonance, very much in the same way that vintage synths do (because of the looser tolerance of their electronic components). Paraphonic mode makes it as dramatic as possible.

Microtuning editing

Completely control the frequency triggered by each key press, giving your scales another dimension.

Beside this new update, Novation also released two new soundpacks called Silver and Sinvibes. Silver includes presets that explore the v.2.5 features. Sinevibes, designed by “Sinevibes” founder Artemij Pavlov, gives you 101 classic Bass Station II presets. Also you have the chance to win one limited edition Bass Station II by joining the Synth Owners Facebook group and like the competition post from 1-7 November 2018.

The Bass Station II v.2.5 firmware update is free of charge for owners and available over the Components page.

More information here: Novation

Available here: Bass Station II Synthesizer

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