Surge Must-Have Free Synthesizer Plugin Updated To V1.6.2 With New Features

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Surge V1.6.2 is an open-source synthesizer plugin that you can not ignore as a music producer and has now been extended with new features.

There are a lot of free synthesizer plugins available. One of the best is Surge, who recently became open-source and free. This decision was the right one. More people use the plugin and it received regular updates. The developers behind Surge have now released v1.6.2 with some new features

The update includes wavetable oscillator improvements, expanded .wav file support, alternate tunings and more. In addition, the code was cleaned up and the UI improved. Nice update again and a must-have for every electronic music producer.

Surge Open Source Synthesizer

Surge is multi-engine Synthesizer plugin with 3 oscillators per voice and 8 versatile oscillator algorithms (subtractive, wavetable, FM, noise…). It supported by two filters units with different flavors, 12 LFOs each with a DAHDSR envelope generator on every LFO-unit, 8 effect units with 10 algorithms and more.

New In Surge V1.6.2

  • Alternate Tunings.
  • Greatly expanded .wav file support and WaveTable Oscillator improvements.
  • Important Linux Changes.
  • Audio and Patch Creation Changes.
  • Oscillator and LFO Displays.
  • The SurgeEffectsBank plugin.
  • New and Reorganized Content.
  • Bug Fixes, Host and DAW changes.
  • Other UI Changes.
  • Other behavior changes.
  • Code Cleanup.

Surge Synthesizer is open-source and available now as a free download in VST/AU/LV2 (Linux) plugin formats.

More information here: Surge

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