Roland Introduced MC-707 & MC-101 Grooveboxes, Synths Meets Sampling

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Roland MC-707 & MC-101 are new grooveboxes that combine Roland’s best-known Synthesizer technology, sampling and sequencing in one box.

Roland already had a Groovebox in its portfolio in the 1990s with the MC-303. In recent years, however, it has been quiet and companies such as Novation or Synthstrom Audible were significantly more active in this area. Now Roland jumps on this train again and also brings two new Grooveboxes with the MC-707 and MC-101. The flagship here is the MC-707 which has 8 tracks and features various synthesizers, sampling possibilities, effects and sequencing in one box. According to Roland, the drum machine sounds are based on sample content and the synth engine is based on the AX-Edge Keytar.

MC-707 can also sample from external devices with the help of the audio inputs. The little brother is the MC-101 and has only 4 tracks, is more compact but includes most features of the MC-707. If you look at the back of this, you realize that there is no audio input but only an SD card slot. So live sampling will probably not be possible here.

Roland MC-707 MC-101

Press Release

In 1996, Roland launched the original MC-303 GROOVEBOX to great acclaim, and the popular series evolved with many additional MC models over the next decade. Building on workflows introduced with genre-defining Roland instruments like the TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303, the GROOVEBOX series allowed people without musical training—but with keen musical sensibilities—to create songs quickly and easily, and in some cases, these individuals gave rise to entirely new musical genres and styles.

The MC-707 and MC-101 fuse this landmark concept with today’s advanced technologies, giving electronic-focused musicians more creative power than ever before.


The MC-707 GROOVEBOX offers everything needed to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. Users can immerse themselves in eight-track recording, sequencing, sampling, synthesizers, and studio-grade effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Audio and MIDI can be recorded with deep control over timing, while hands-on faders and knobs inspire in-the-moment creativity.

SQv-m78Q MC707_display MC707_image

Equipped with Roland’s latest sound engine, the MC-707 has all the sounds of legendary Roland rhythm machines and synthesizers, but also looks forward with modern digital and hybrid sounds. The eight-track sequencer is optimized for fluid production of today’s electronic-focused music styles, with 16 ultra-sensitive pads for playing or sequencing drum parts, melodic basslines, or polyphonic chord progressions.

There’s also a TR-REC step sequencer inherited from Roland’s classic drum machines, perfect for building rhythm parts quickly.

With its advanced USB audio interface capabilities, the MC-707 easily flows in and out of any computer production setup. Users can record all eight parts to individual DAW tracks and finish a song there, or sample sounds from a DAW to capture backing tracks, stems, and more for live shows.

Roland MC-101 Groovebox


The MC-101 GROOVEBOX has all the high-quality sounds, sequencing, and effects of the MC-707, but in a more compact four-track version that’s go-everywhere portable.

This professional production tool features a solid-yet-light design and runs for up to five hours on four AA batteries, allowing users to craft sounds, create drum patterns, and compose musical phrases just about anywhere.

Roland MC-707 & MC-101 will be available in the U.S in September for $999.99 and $499.99 respectively.

More information here: Roland 

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