Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus, Free Modular Synthesizer Plugin For PC & Mac

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Cherry Audio celebrates its first anniversary with the release of Voltage Modular Nucleus, a free modular Synthesizer plugin with 22 modules and 67 presets.

A year ago, Cherry Audio released Voltage Modular, a new modular Synthesizer plugin that is inspired by the Eurorack format. Surely it was not the perfect moment for a big release, because, in the modular software heaven, VCV Rack was an ongoing topic. However, the developers released Voltage Modular in 2018 and with constant updates and new modules, they made Voltage Modular even more interesting.

Today, Cherry Audio is celebrating the first anniversary of its Voltage Modular with the release of Voltage Modular Nucleus, a new collection of 22 modules & 67 presets which are available for free for a limited time only. This package includes all of the fundamentals of subtractive analog synthesis, including oscillators, filters, envelope generators, amplifiers, and mixers, plus a sequencer, arpeggiator, and a full suite of useful utility modules and powerful effects modules. This is the best way to try Voltage Modular and compare it with VCV Rack, for example.

Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus

Besides, the Voltage Nucleus package, Cherry Audio also released a Year One Collection which includes all 19 Cherry Audio commercial modules. You can save on this bundle now 50% OFF.

The Year The Year One Collection includes Additive Oscillator, ESP-20 Processor, Hex Phaser, Lyrinx Filter, Mega Saw, MPE Interface, Octagon Sequencer, Random Task, Remote Control, Sampler II, Sixteen-Step Sequencer, Stereo Delay, TB Filter, TB Oscillator, VCF-20 Filter, VCO-20 Dual Oscillator, Vintage Resonator, Vocoder, and Voltage-Controlled Mixer.

Voltage Modular Nucleus is available now for free for a limited time. The Year One Collection is on sale for $99 USD (regular $199 USD). Also on sale are the Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums bundle ($50 instead of $199 USD), Voltage Modular Ignite ($25 instead of $50) and Ignite users can upgrade to Core + Electro Drums for only $25 USD (regular $49 USD).

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