Pimp Your KORG MS-20 Mini With These Overlays & Discover The Full Synthesis Potential

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Oversynth now also offers overlays for the KORG MS-20 Mini, with which you can get a better overview of all known and hidden synthesis function.

It started with the overlays of the Neutron Synthesizer, with which you can recolor it and improves the patching workflow. The demand seems to be so great that he is now expanding his product range on the KORG MS-20 Mini. Also here, he offers different overlay designs and colors.

The nice thing about these KORG MS-20 overlays is that you not only recolor the synth but also make many hidden features visible, especially in the patch bay. These simplify patching and makes clear what fits together. In some variants, you can color-coded the MS-20 mini which is certainly very helpful.

Oversynth MS-20 Mini overlays


This is an overlay that you place over the front panel faceplate of your Korg MS-20 Mini synthesizer.  The design uses high contrast graphics and large font for easy viewing in low light.  Synthesizer sections are color-matched to the corresponding sockets in the patch bay.  

To make patching easier, jacks have colored outlines to indicate the circuits they are connected to, audio signal level jacks have “Audio” text next to them, input jacks have a black bar underneath them, and output jacks have a white bar.  The overlay is printed on a highly durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant synthetic paper material (not vinyl) for maximum performance and long life.

Oversynth MS-20 Mini overlays

Easy To Install

To install this overlay, you will need to remove all of the knobs and screws from the front panel of your Korg MS-20 Mini synthesizer.  Once these items are removed, simply place the overlay over the front panel of your synthesizer and press it down around the jacks and controls.  

Once the overlay is in place, re-attach all the knobs and screws.  There is no adhesive on the backside of this overlay since the screws and knobs hold the overlay securely in place.

Oversynth MS-20 Mini overlays are available now for $42 USD.

More information here: Oversynth 

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