BLM 7200 Is A Modular Synthesizer That Pays Tribute To The ARP 2600

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BLM 7200 is a powerful modular Synthesizer that pays tribute to the instruments of Alan R. Pearlman (ARP) without copying/cloning it 1 to 1.

Alan R. Pearlman has in the past provided many legendary analog instruments with his company ARP (2600, Quadra, Odyssey…) He is with Dave Smith, Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim the most influential synthesizer manufacturers. So it is no wonder that companies like KORG, Behringer or many indies want to bring their products back on the market.

Blue Lantern Modules is currently working on a lovely modular Synthesizer that is a tribute to the ARP synthesizers and does not want to be an ARP 2600 clone. They describe the BLM 7200 as an ARP 2700 type of project because it has many new functions that can’ be found on the original ARP instrument.

DARPA 7200

BLM 7200, A Full Modular Synth

The BLM 7200 or known as digital assisted ARP (DARPA) is a fully modular synth and so there are no internal patches. All connections must be made between the module sections. It looks massive, has nice big knobs and will be available in black or blue. Available are three oscillators with additional analog wave folder section, stereo analog filter, 3 envelope generators, two VCLFO and more. Also, it offers a built-in MIDI to CV  interface so you can connect/play it with any MIDI peripheral.

Module Overview

  • Midi to CV converter
  • Europa VCO (Discrete Tri-Core) sine, ramp, square, triangle waves (2x)
  • Cubensis VCO (Zero Through) sine, ramp, square, triangle waves
  • FM Sinus problem (Analog Wave Folder)
  • Cydonia Stereo BI-Phase Filter (Stereo Analog filter) and Stereo VCA
  • Mix Em Up Pro: Audio Mixer, Noise Generator, Sample and Hold, Ring Mod (633 chip)
  • Buffer Multiple and Analog Arp 2600 Switch
  • Simple ADSR v2 (2x)
  • Duo Quantizer
  • Simple Wave Folder (serge diode influenced)
  • Voltage Processor: 0-5v and 0-10v
  • Cyllene VCLFO (digital electric druid firmware) (2x)
  • Trippy Dual AR generator
  • Trippy Dual VCA
  • Quinarius: Envelope Follower, Booster, Gate Extractor, Comparator, Slew Detector
  • Top 1U: DC Mixer, Lag Processor, Monitoring amp, FX Send, and Return

Further, all the potentiometers are metal D-Shaft type and the synth doesn’t include a spring reverb effect or internal speaker like the original ARP 2600. Instead, it features an FX Send and Return module that let you patch a stereo fx rack or pedal into the synth. On top, it includes a 1U monitoring module with which you can patch a stereo cable out of the synth.

The synth has the dimensions 18″(L) x 3.75″(W) x 4.5 (Height)” which is very handy size for a complete modular synth.

Blue Latern Modules DARPA

The synth is delivered with

  • 20 patches cables included
  • 24v DC Adapter is included to power up the system
  • a power adapter is auto-switching for worldwide use: it uses IEC power cords, you need to supply your own countries IEC cable if you’re not in the USA
  • the internal power supply is a DC-DC 300Khz switching type designed for audio use.
  • it offers also an internal PI-Filtering to reduce ripple.

The BLM 7200 Modular Synthesizer System is available now for pre-order for $1375 USD in black or blue. Release date to be announced.

More information here: Blue Lantern Modules

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  1. It has NOTHING to do with a ARP2600… The 2600 has a great interface and clear ergonomics, this looks like a headfuck, look at the space between the pots…at least it’s not expensive and will amuse hypsters for a while…

  2. I have a ttsh 2600, and bought one of these blm7200. They complement each other very well. The 7200 is more precise, has zero through, stereo filter, and quantizers. I can easily sit on the couch and mess with the blm 7200 on my lap. I love mine! I am able to make some patches that are similar on both. I am so glad this is not another clone.

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