Behringer Eurorack News: Module Prototype (POE21) Could Be Moog VCO Replica

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Behringer shows on his “only true medium” a new prototype of a Eurorack module that looks very much like Moog VCO.

After Behringer has accused Synth Anatomy to produce fake news, I have now “true” news from the B. front. Yesterday, I report that the company has contacted Mos-Lab Synthesizers for asking for a collaboration. According to the developer, it was just a simple request (fake news) There were speculations about replicas of Moog 5U modules in Eurorack. From China came immediately the message, Synth Anatomy produces fake news… (below my statement)

Today (only one day later), Behringer has published photos of a prototype of a new Eurorack module. Interestingly, this is not a finished Roland module (report 2018) but a prototype that is very similar to a Moog 5U module. About such possible modules, a medium has already reported yesterday, funny.

Behringer Eurorack Moog

Moogish Modules?

As many FB comments already say, the first one could probably be a replica of the Moog Music 921B oscillator.  The design is reminiscent of a Moog oscillator although it has more sockets than the original. So I could be completely wrong.

Further, you have on the back three trim screws that are common for tuning and calibrating oscillators in the Eurorack world. On the module, you can find also the letters “POE21” which could reference to the Moog Music 921B 5U oscillator.  It is interesting to see that B. now wants to release the classic Moog Modular modules in Eurorack format. It would certainly be a bestseller.


As already written on FB: Describing my articles as fake news goes a long way and attacks my job as a media publisher. Anyone who places something public on Facebook, Twitter… is at risk of landing in the media. Similar to other media about new iPhones or football transfers speculations. May I stop that, as certain companies write to me, we are under the control of music tech companies.

Sorry, I will not do that! What we do not need, especially in the synthesizer world, are companies that work with words like fake news!

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. Everybody speculates. Especially when it comes to Behringer. That’s not new. It’s part of the fun of decoding these teasers (and there are a lot of them!) so i don’t see the harm. Like in showbiz “Keep em guessing” i.e. keep them engaged.

    Although, the fans are quite ravenous online. Every Behringer social media post is littered with comments of “where is my ____?” but that’s a result of so many teasers. People are interested. That’s important.

    P.S. I hope they’ve made SOME progress on the modules they’ve already announced. And yeah, that looks oscillator-like.

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