Synsonic Instruments Apollon Drum Machine Plugin Recreates Vintage Drum Machines Without Samples

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Synsonic Instruments, known for its free 808/909 Kick plugins has today release Apollon, a drum machine.  This new VST/AU plugin features eight pure synthesized instruments that are not based on old analog drum machine sounds.

Important here: it doesn’t use samples but only drum synthesis. Available are a bass drum, snare, low tom, high tom, closed hi-hat, opened hi-hat, clap, and rimshot. There is no information which drum sounds are emulated here. But I can imagine, it could be the 808/909 because there are already plugins from the same companies which emulates these legendary sounds.

Synsonic Instruments Apollon

Each instrument features also level & panning as well as delay, and reverb effects. Further, Apollon features an easy-to-use sequencer with an additional shuffle and accent function for each sequence to get groovy rhythms.

Three different sequencer modes are onboard: standalone, by the clock of your DAW, or you can trigger each instrument individually via MIDI. So you can use each drum instrument also a sound generator without the sequencer.

Synsonic Instruments Apollon is available now in VST and AU, priced at $12 USD. A demo version is available as a free download and will be silent for 3 second every 45 seconds.

More information here: Synsonic Instruments

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