Get 1000+ Artist Patches For Novation Peak & Summit Polyphonic Synthesizer For FREE

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Amazing news from Novation for Peak & Summit users. They have today announced that they will celebrate the launch of Summit Synthesizer, throughout August, September, and October with 1000 free artist patches which are suitable for both Peak and Summit Synthesizer.

Here are sounds from Legowelt, Craig Williams, Lightbath, Hinako Omori & many more to find. The 1000+ sounds will not be released immediately but in weekly doses.

Novation Peak Summit

Press Release

Give Peak to different people and they will always produce dramatically different sounds. Playing to Peak and Summit’s particular architectural strengths – like  the multiple simultaneous synthesis types, analogue filters, VCA and distortion, the high-quality onboard effects, and so on – these patches can be of huge educational value, too, giving you insight and inspiration around the varied approaches to programming Peak and Summit to find your own sounds.

Ultimately, these 1000 artist presets comprise a vast and diverse library of basses, leads, pads, arps, FX and more that showcases the synth itself, as well as the skill and talent of some incredible sound designers – and they’re free. At the same time, Novation have also completely redesigned the Components application from the ground up, so that you can really take advantage of the librarian and the variety of presets offered by all these inspiring artists.

The new Components browser puts the Bank Editor and content side by side, and enables content to be dragged directly into the Bank Editor patch list. Presets can also be filtered in the browser, and you now have the option of showing the Novation and User banks together. Mandatory login is no longer a requirement, either, as you can now use site-wide features without logging in (although you do still need to make an account and log in to store user content in the cloud).

1000 artist presets for Novation Peak & Summit will be released in weekly sets via the new-look Components between the end of July and the end of October.

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