Behringer Denies Current Rumours About LinnDrum, Virus… Clones

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After yesterday’s signs of a Behringer LMX appeared, there is now news again but from another side. The Behringer company got in touch with SYNTH ANATOMY and denied all rumors of an upcoming LinnDrum clone. He clearly said that there are currently no plans to develop a LinnDrum clone.

The same goes for the rumor of the Virus, Make Noise Maths or Prophet 5 clone that appeared two weeks ago. Again, there are no plans.

Behringer LinnDrum

In order to be able to grant a maximum of objectivity, one must consider both parties. In this case, the leak as well as the statement by the Behringer company.

Since my job is to report about speculations, news, etc., it came to this rumor. There were also certain signs that made the speculations seem almost true.

Since there is now a clear statement on these rumors, we can let the topic rest.

More information here: Behringer 

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    • check on the SYNTH ANATOMY facebook page, where I post the LMX rumour. Uli has written there that there are no plans of it. Later, they got in touch with me.

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