Design Your Own 808 & 909 Kick Sounds With The New Free Synsonic Instruments Plugins

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The kick drum sounds from the Roland 808 and 909 are one of the best known instruments for electronic music. A new plugin company with the name Synsonic Instruments capture this permanent interest in this sound and developed two new very cool free plugins to emulate the sound characteristics of this vintage machines. BD-808 and BD-909, modelled after the bass sounds of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909, are two freeware kick drum generators plugins for PC and Mac (VST/AU).


The Synsonic BD-909 is a model of the TR-909 Bass Drum. We have analysed the original circuit and created an accurately digital model.There are also more soundshaping possibilities like distortion, noise decay, tune depth and hold and pitch. The plugin includes factory presets and you can also create your own presets now.


The Synsonic Instruments BD-808 Software-Plugin is useful for creating 808-style Bass Drum Sounds.The underlying signal processing is based on a detailed analysis of the original 808 Bass Drum circuit. With the MIDI-Control it is also possible to use the plugin as a Bass Synthesizer. Originally the 808 Bass Drum has the following parameters for soundshaping:

  • Accent: Strength of the drum sound
  • Level: Output level
  • Decay: Duration of the drum sound
  • Tone: Amount of attack-click

Additionally the Synsonic Instruments BD-808 offers the following useful soundshaping possibilities:

  • Tune: Tuning in halftones
  • Fine: Tuning in cents
  • LongDecay: Extends decay range
  • MidiSync-Tune: Tune depends on played Midi-Note
  • MidiSync-Accent: Accent depends on Velocity of played Midi-Note

With the MIDI Learn function you can assign any MIDI-Controller to a parameter of the Bass Drum.

More informations here: Synsonic Instruments BD-808 & BD-909

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