Sonic Charge Microtonic Now With Custom Scripts, New Permut8 Firmwares & More

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Sonic Charge now allows users to load custom scripts into Microtonic Synthesizer, releases two new Permut8 firmwares and updates all plugins

Sonic Charge (Magnus Lidström) has enriched the music tech world in the past with many interesting plugins that don’t swim with the crowd. MicroTonic drum Synthesizer even made it into the Pocket Operator PO-32 from Teenage Engineering. Today, the developer has released updates for all plugins that mainly includes changes in the codes.

Besides this, all plugins (except Syntplant) now features high-resolution graphics and re-scalable user interfaces. Synplant has however been updated with other bug and compatibility fixes. Nice to see that the plugin now gets updates again after 5 years. However, two plugins not only got these but much more.

microtonic scripts

Custom Scripts For Microtonic

Sonic Charge provides its great Microtonic drum Synthesizer custom scripts support with which users can program new features themselves. These scripts are based on Javascript and can display custom user interface elements. The video below shows some examples of custom scripts including a mixing console, euclidean beat, FM tool and more.

Very exciting update with which you can create your own Microtonic synth with your features. According to the developer, everything, yes also the scripts, can be sent to the teenage engineering PO-32 given the same limitations as previously with 4 mono channels, etc. A separate installer with a selection of clever scripts is available on the download page for registered customers. The update also includes a compatibility fix for Mac hosts that are built with the latest SDK from Apple, including Cubase 10.5 and Garageband.

2 New Firmwares For Permut8

The Permut8 delay has also been updated. Thanks to its deep engine, one of the highlights of this plugin is the ability to load alternative firmware with which you can transform the plugin in a completely new one. As with hardware devices, for example, only in software. So a code in a code. The Permut8 Firmware installer has been updated with the previously released Specular firmware but also with two brand new firmwares Vortex and JS80RMX.

Vortex is a generative synth that is based on the “about box easter egg” in Micrtonic and JS80RM lets you import songs from the JS80TRX chiptune tracker and transform them beyond recognition. I think that’s enough to understand that Permut8 is not just a delay plugin but a huge sound playground

The new updates are available free of charge for existing customers on the Sonic Charge website.

More information here: Sonic Charge

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