3 Behringer Summer Leaks: A Virus Style VA-Synth, Eurorack Modules Update & Prophet 5 Clone?

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In Europe and many other parts of the world is currently Summer and many take a little break. This can be observed by the relatively quiet Synthesizer News situation. Wait, is there also Summer at Behringer? No really. Recently, pictures of a new Synthesizers has appeared in a PR video on the MusicTribe YouTube channel.

When I saw the video for the first time, I believed in a pre-design of the Neutron Synthesizer. Red and in the same format, would suit that. But if you look closely, you can see a screen and no patch bay on the right side. The design is also very similar to a vintage synth from the past, namely the Access Virus A virtual analog Synthesizer.

Behringer Synthesizer

Can we conclude that Behringer joins the field of virtual analog Synthesizers, after his numerous analog Synthesizers (announced & released)? I go even further that he plans to bring a clone of the Virus A/B Synthesizer on the market with modern features and cheaper of course.

Access Virus A

It would not surprise me, as Uli Behringer has been increasingly searching for developers in the last few months who understand something of digital synthesis. With Luigi Scarano (FingerSonic), he has already one who designed VA and FM Synthesizer in the past. Also, it is well known that the Synthesizer community want to see in the near future a new Access Virus Synthesizer, so this would fit into the development scheme of Behringer: Build the Synthesizers people want.

Also, an analog or hybrid desktop Synthesizer would be possible with patch storage. An instrument with a completely new interface and feature set would certainly be very welcome and refreshing after the many clones. Behringer has the right developers for this in the team so make it happen. We can not say much at the moment, only they are working on new synthesizers as the picture shows, even with patch storage as the

Behringer Eurorack News

The MusicTribe PR video also gives us a little update on the announced Eurorack modules. On the left side of the picture you can see a Eurorack module, but with a new front panel design than what Uli showed a few months ago. There is currently no more information about these modules but this too is very similar to a well-known module called Make Noise Maths

Behringer Eurorack

The developer of VPME shared his opinion about this leak and say: the right side is a 1:1 Maths clone, the left side looks like Maths a bit rearranged. The number of pots and jacks and LED’s matches. We will see it in the near future if this is true or not.

Behringer Eurorack Maths

Behringer Prophet 5 or Pro-5?

Another analog Synthesizer that Behringer has long announced is the Pro-1, a clone of the Sequential Circuit Pro-One. If you look at the same picture as before, you can see on the right side probably another new Synthesizer with a familiar interface. In my opinion, it is a Pro-5 polyphonic analog Synthesizer, a Prophet 5 clone in desktop format. The design (thick black switches with red lights, knob layout) is very reminiscent of the Prophet series.

A redesign of the Pro-1 can not be, because, this is in the final stages of the beta phase. Here too early to say exactly what, but it looks strong as a new Prophet synth from Behringer.

So a VA synth, new Eurorack modules and a Pro-5 from Behringer in the making. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Please Behringer, make an affordable Virus clone! Or even better, something Virus-inspired with less menu-diving

  2. Well, the one thing Virus,not to mention Nord, owners have always wanted, is a Micron/Miniak style sequencer. They have the knobs, they have the engine, multitibrality and build quality, but they all lack that awesome performance sequencer.

    I say to Behringer… Why bother with a VA? unless you’re gonna add something similar?

  3. I would be glad if Behringer would get the last year “leaks”, especially the Pro-1 and the Odyssey to the market.

    Oh, I forgot the Borg KS-20.
    Oh yeah, the Eurorack modules of course.
    Ah, the CAT would also ber nice too.
    Oh well, last but not least, the VCS3.

    The Crave, as a Mother-32 clone isn’t in the shops yet as well.

    So many rumors and leaks but only 3 1/2 (if you see the Deepmind as a Juno 106) “clones” to buy.



    • You’re complaining about your lack of patience? Products aren’t sketched out and manufactured a month later. Behringer isn’t dealing with boutique numbers here. Products take time to test and manufacture. So far, they’ve nailed all of their releases. I would prefer that they take their time and get it right rather than rush a product to appease the impatient. The difference here is Behringer tells people about their plans, development process, and ideas. Korg, Roland, Moog, Dave Smith, don’t do that.

      Secondly… They didn’t announce this stuff! It’s screen grabs from a Music Tribe video. Do you really think Behringer is only working on a product or two and isn’t planning for the future? They have people in the UK and Germany working on different products.

      Also, Deepminds are loosely based on the Juno 106, it’s not really a clone.

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