CubuSynth ConseQuencer, new touch controller Eurorack sequencer

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CubuSynth ConseQuencer is a new performance-oriented hands-on Eurorack sequencer with a touch controller and variable gate mode per step.

In the last few weeks, we have seen a huge number of new Eurorack modules at Superbooth 24. But not everything will be presented in Berlin. Manufacturers like CubuSynth from Portugal also have news after the SB. 

The developers have recently unveiled the ConsQuencer, a new intriguing Eurorack sequencer.

CubuSynth ConseQuencer

CubuSynth ConseQuencer

ConseQuencer is a new module that is a powerful Eurorack but also a touch controller. The hardware comprises 16 touch-sensitive pads that can output 5V gate signals in the dedicated keyboard mode. Alternatively, you can use them to program the sequencer via touch-activated step selection.

The strength of the new ConseQuencer module lies in the hands-on, playful sequencer. It is not a sequencer that can store tons of patterns or create a song from them. It is an analog-style sequencer where you tweak your melodies on the fly. 

CubuSynth added 16 tweakable steps on the hardware, each with a touchpad, a slider for the note, two knobs, and a mini slider for the gate mode. Five sequence modes are available: forward, backward, flip, random, and off, giving you a good amount of flexibility for sequencing.

The sequencer engine is powered by an internal clock with a built-in clock divider and external sync capabilities. The sliders allow you to set notes, and the underlying pads allow you to sequence only certain sections on the fly, such as from step 4 to step 8.

Then, the built-in pitch quantizer with seven selectable scales (major pent, major p+7, nat min,..) is a handy addition for precise pitch quantization and musicality.

I like the integration of the different gate modes, which you know from the Ryk M-185 or Intellijel Metropolis/Metropolix sequencers. You can explore five gate modes per step: hold, trigger, repeat, random, and OFF. For example, steps can be triggered multiple times.

ConseQuencer has full modular integration with various CV/gate inputs and outputs: dual CV outputs (one quantized pitch, on CV) and CV inputs for the scale, division, and more.

First Impression

I really like the very hands-on design that CubuSynth has chosen for its new ConsQuencer module. Everything is directly accessible and without menu diving. It looks like a very creative sequencer.

CubuSynth ConseQuencer is available now for pre-order for 514,80€. Use the code SEQ10 to save 10% OFF on the price. Shipping will start in August 2024.

More information here: CubuSynth 

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