Modor Music Shows The NF-1 Synthesizer Keyboard Version

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Interesting news coming from Belgium. Modor Music, a small manufacturer known for the NF-1 Synthesizer as well as for several Eurorack modules has released information about a possible keyboard version of the NF-1. It is a digital DSP based Synthesizer that uses advanced virtual analog synthesis and offers a big interface with a lot of knobs for direct parameter access.

Some time ago they built a prototype and now they have decided to put the idea on hold because it gets too expensive. But if they find enough potential buyers, they may be able to publish it in a limited edition. I would be happy to see this as a keys version because the NF-1 has a very unique digital sound character and I’m always happy to see more digital synths on the market. What do you think, interesting or unnecessary? Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

Modor Music NF-1 Keys

What Modor Audio Says About The NF-1 Keys

Will there ever be a keyboard NF-1? Well, a little time ago we built a 44-key plastic casing prototype. And it works, but it has some flaws…A keyboard version will need to be strong and robust, even more than a desktop synth. The keyboard mechanics can be delivered more or less complete by Fatar, that’s not a problem. And the knobs and buttons can be the same as on the desktop NF-1. But there’s no simple off-the-shelf thing you can use as pitch bend/modwheel. 3D printing didn’t give the necessary precision, and plastic moulding becomes prohibitively expensive for smaller production numbers. Or should we make a version without PB/modwheel… ?

Also, if we use the same 2mm steel casing as for the NF-1, things may become really heavy… So we would need really strong packaging to avoid shipping damage, and shipping may become very delicate and expensive… Or maybe a standard included dedicated flightcase?

So, for now, the keyboard NF-1 is on hold. It seems us too much of risk, and by trying to reduce the risk, the keyboard NF-1 would get too expensive. But never say never, maybe a very limited edition one day? Share us your thoughts…!

Availability & Price: TBA.

The Modor NF-1 desktop is available now for 1.249€ incl. VAT.

More information here: Modor Music

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  1. Lol! If these guys need to ask if they should include/exclude a mod wheel/pitch bend, then perhaps it’s best if they just leave it as a desktop.

    Sounds good,though.

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