Numerical Audio Released SF-1, Performance-Oriented Stereo Filter AUv3 App For iOS

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Numerical Audio has today released SF-1, a new performance-oriented stereo filter app with AUv3 support for iOS. It offers SEM & Ladder filter models, modulation options (dual LFO…) and an XY-pad with automation. With the latter, you can play the filter very expressive what is very nice.

Numerical Audio SF-1 Stereo Filter


SF-1 is a dual stereo filter effect with a special focus on expressiveness. Built around 2 multimode filters with multiple filter models that can be configured to run in series, parallel or one per channel, SF-1 is true filtering powerhouse. Its built-in XY-Pad can be automated over a maximum of 4 bars which makes sequencing complex filter sweeps as easy as it could possibly be.

With pad-lock, the XY-Pad will always return to a set location after lifting a finger allowing for a wide range of play styles. In addition, Pad-Engage/FX-Release only enables the effect while the XY-Pad is being touched and applies a tempo-synced delay effect when lifting the finger making it a great option for expressive live performances.


  • dual stereo filter
  • 2 filter models: SEM & Ladder
  • 3 filter modes each: LP, HP, BP
  • serial, parallel or channel split routing
  • dual LFO with tempo-sync
  • envelope follower
  • XY-pad with automation
  • pad lock and pad-engage/fx release
  • Audiobus (filter) & IAA
  • AUv3
  • standalone
  • MIDI CC control

Numerical Audio SF-1 Stereo Filter is available now for iOS (AUv3) for $4.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Numerical Audio

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