Weston Precision Audio TSO, new oscillator with analog waveform drawing

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Weston Precision Audio TSO is  new time segment oscillator allowing waveforms to be drawn directly on the interface and in analog

The US-based Eurorack manufacturer Weston Precision Audio has recently aroused my interest with its interesting, fresh module designs. I particularly like the faceplates, which remind me of the Wasp Synthesizer with the black yellow layout.

His latest module is the analog time segment oscillator called TSO.

Weston Precision Audio TS0

Weston Precision Audio TSO

TSO (24HP) is a new analog VCO with a unique concept. Instead of giving fixed waveforms, the user can draw own shapes with the help of 12 individual sliders. Just as you know it from some digital oscillators, only in analog. You can save these creation in 5 preset storage locations. The module also gives you the option to modulate each segment of your waveform individually by one of two modulation inputs. This opens up a wide spectrum of sounds.

The oscillators offers three different modes: a live mode where you instantly change your timbres on the fly, recall the waves from the preset memory or you use the sample & hold mode. In s&h mode, the TSO oscillator generates a stream of completely random waves from the built in analog noise sources. Once your waveform is generated, you can mix in the top level driving VCO to add more harmonics to your end result.

The 12 segments of the TSO oscillator can also be used as an 12 step sequencer. You can activate this by turning the frequency way down. It also comes with a sub-octave square wave output. According to the developer, it can generate epic drones, wavetable-type tones, and more. Here is a in-depth demo of the new oscillator module.

An exciting new oscillator from the US-based module manufacturer Weston Precision Audio. Being able to draw your own waveforms and modulate these points can certainly be very exciting. Looking forward for more demos.

Weston Precision Audio TSO is available soon for $365 USD as an assembled module.

More information here: Weston Precision Audio

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  1. New as of 2020. 😛 Got one of these a year ago and enjoy it immensely. It has some things that could be improved (like cv inputs for all stages in addition to the Mod A & B inputs. Somehow make segments more wavetable-y and less bargraph-y) but I consider it the Ultimate Analog Square Wave Generator. It outputs A LOT of tone. A. Lot. A regular square wave somehow sounds much better than other squares. Super beefy and buzzy. My favorite square wave of all time. Individual stage inputs would have allowed “PWM” type of sounds. Fingers crossed there will be a TSO 2.0

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