Starling Via Is A System Of Eurorack Modules Built On A Shared Hardware Platform

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Starling, a new Synthesizer company recently showed Via, a new system of Eurorack modules built on a shared hardware platform. The Via module shares the advantages of hard- and software technology. With a simple firmware update, you can turn the current module into a new one. To simply the work, all modules have the same layout: 11 sockets, 7 knobs…

On top, you can exchange the faceplate skin of each module very easily. Currently, there are four different firmwares available that you can use. The Via System is not yet available as a hardware module, but you can already download all modules as VCV Rack plugins. So you get a first overview of what the modules can do. A similar project is the Nozori module concept, where you can easily change firmware in modules.

Starling Via


The heart of Via is a simple analog circuit offering you two inputs, each traveling through a sample and hold followed by a VCA. The results are mixed at the output. A digital signal generator animates the circuit to create a useful synthesis tool, adding a suite of complementary auxiliary outputs in the process. Assignable controls and inputs are tailored to each module.

The following firmware updates are currently available:

  • META is a flexible slope generator
  • SYNC is a clock-synced signal source
  • SCANNER is a multi-channel waveshaper
  • GATESEQ is a rhythm engine

Starling Via

The platform is animated by a firmware and annotated by a faceplate to create a module.  The growing family of Via modules is designed to offer a versatile synthesis toolkit.  They might share DNA, but they are conceived and implemented from the ground up to take advantage of the hardware platform, giving you a unique, fully realized instrument.

The Starling Via module will be available as fully assembled or as DIY version, along with open-source software.

Availability & Price: TBA

More information here: Starling Via 

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