Soundmachines (arches) Is A Unique Tactile Universal Interface & Now On Kickstarter!

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Synthesizers players know the topic. If you want to play a synth, there is the possibility of a classic keyboard, sequencer or even a touch display. More special concepts are offered by ROLI with the Seaboard, Roger Linn’s LinnStrument or the Haken Audio Continuum. Even the Italian manufacturer Soundmachines now offers a unique controller that includes a different approach an instrument.

(arches) is a new tactile universal interface that incorporate many different features in one single device. It features sliders, lightstrips (with rec/loop capabilities), lightplanes/thumbpads with z-axis sensitivity and a row of pressure sensitive button.  On top, it includes 30+ CV/GATE outputs and full MIDI connectivity (DIN, USB and wireless MIDI over BLE)

The brain of this device is a high-speed micro-controller that transforms the device in a keyboard, arpeggiator/sequencer or better say: in a powerful performance instrument. The (arches) can be described as a modern interpretation of the vintage iconic Buchla 222e continuous controller that change radically the way how we play a synth per example. Soundmachines created here a very interesting and unique controller in my opinion that allows you to play/ interact differently with your music instruments.

Blending inspiration, power and ease of use, we created the perfect evolution of the concept of tactile controller. Built on the foundation of our first class touch interfaces (LS1lightstrip and LP1lightplane), found today on thousands of eurorack systems around the world, we designed a beautiful work of art and technology.

(arches) put a never seen before set of controllers at your fingertips. Sliders, lightstrips (with rec/loop capabilities), lightplanes/thumbpads with z-axis sensitivity and a row of pressure sensitive buttons. Behind those state of the art touch controllers lies a high-speed microcontroller that joins the elements to create keyboards, sequencers, arpeggiators and, finally, your perfect performance setup. The following video sows just the basics in controlling modular synth, drums and entire voices:

Soundmachines know-how in capacitive touch control surface is unparalleled in eurorack. With thousands of LS1lightstrips and LP1lightplanes in the market, is the name to consider when talking about reliable, simple and flawless touch CV generators/recorders. Following customer’s requests and nurturing interest for integrated, easy to use and alternative control interfaces, we came up with a series of ideas that adapted our robust technology to earlier concepts developed by the fathers of the modular synthesizers. The key target was the design and implementation of a carefully conceived product with the maximum attention to usability, highest possible degree of functionalities and an affordable pricing.

(arches) is a powerful user interface capable of interacting with many instruments and systems thanks to its 30+ CV/GATE outputs and full MIDI connectivity (DIN, USB and wireless MIDI over BLE):

Pressure sensitive buttons: Each of those buttons can be configured to ourput  GATE and CV signals or to be a part of an 8 buttons keyboard. Each buttons will output a pitch information and an overall ‘pressure’ information will be available to a separate CV out or midi #CC.

Sliders and Lightstrips: 12 slider-type elements can be configured either as indiviual elements (with configurable range, midi channel, quantization and CV standard) or grouped together in one of the many keyboard configurations (see below). You can assign each element to a couple of I/O jacks (CV and GATE)

Thumbpads/Lightplanes: Just under your thumbs lies a couple of sensitive three-dimensional surfaces (X-Y-Z) that are available as standard outputs all the time. They can also generate gate infomartion and 

Virtual Keyboards:

(arches) can create up to three concurrent independent keyboards, each one with its own set of outputs and its own arpeggiator. For each of the keyboards you can define the standard (eurorack, buchla, v/hz), the note associated with every ‘element’ and the MIDI channel. With this powerful modularity you can control up to three voices for melodic and rhythmic stuff, having the free lightplanes as a mean of modulating other parameters of your setup/patch. On top of this you have the layered functionalities that can run in parallel (one 8 step sequencer and one 8step, 5 track drum sequencer).

More Features 
  • monophonic full keyboard: 12 elements
  • 8 pressure sensitive buttons keyboard
  • left hand, six elements keyboard
  • right hand, six elements keyboard
  • central 8 elements keyboard
  • 12 keys polyphonic (three voices + expression) keyboard.

Soundmachines (arches) is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter for a price of 750€.

More information here: Soundmachines 

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