Sonicware ELZ 1 Desktop Digital Synthesizer News From NAMM 2019!

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If you can remember, a new small digital Synthesizer was introduced at the NAMM 2018 in the guitar section, the Sonicware ELZ 1. For a long time you did not hear much about this but at the NAMM 2019 there was news. The Sonicware ELZ 1 is ready, goes soon in production and includes now even more power.

Important here: it’s not an OP-1 clone or workstation but a 6-voice desktop digital Synthesizer with 11 unique synthesis types (FM, 8-bit, DNA explorer, granular, masked noise, sand flute and more).

Sonicware ELZ 1

All this is powered by a wide range of filters (LPF-6, LPF-12,…) that can shape further the sounds, envelopes (ADSR, ADS-RA-R,…) and many built-in effects to refine the sounds (stereo delay, tape echo, distortion, overdrive, reverb…). An arpeggiator with 7 different styles is also on board.

On the back side, you have stereo line outputs, headphone output, AUX in as well as a USB port for MIDI and firmware updates. The entire device is powered by a 5V DC power supply or by 4 AA batteries. To get a better overview of the final production unit, check out the second look from NAMM 2019.

Sonicware ELZ 1 Synthesizer is coming in April for an estimated price of 550€.

More information here: Sonicware

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