4Pockets Released Atomizer Real-Time Audio Splicer AUv3 App For iOS!

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4Pockets has recently released Atomizer, a new real-time audio splicer app for iOS with AUv3 support. Atomizer strength is to add beat synced glitch, pitch shifting or different filtering effects to your sounds/tracks.

4Pockets Atomizer


Atomizer is a great plugin for adding beat synced glitch and stuttering, pitch shifting and various forms of filtering effects to your songs. The plugin splices incoming audio into samples divisible by the current tempo and allows you to play them as a continuous seamless loop blended over the original audio. You do this using the grid of vertical finger pads, each representing samples of increasing lengths.

It’s an incredibly fun way of adding background vocals, selective echoes, complex backings or just shear carnage to your mix! This is yet another great tool for those wanting to add a creative or experimental twist to any form of electronic composition, adding a few extra dynamics into your mix with very little effort.

4Pockets Atomizer is available now for iPhone & iPad on the Apple App Store for $5.99!

More information here: 4Pockets

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