Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco, new modular Synthesizer system by Arthur Joly

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Arthur Joly of Recosynth has released a beginner Eurorack system “Sistema Euro Reco” with three oscillators… packed in a very unique, handcrafted case. 

The nice thing about the hardware Synthesizer market is its diversity. You can find products from the big players but also from manufacturers who develop and assemble their synthesizers by hand in the garage.

Arthur Joly is one of the latter. In the recent past, he showed numerous Synthesizer projects with very beautiful, unique designs. A modular Synthesizer with a stylish case is his newest product release

Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco 2021

Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco

Arthur Joly’s new modular synthesizer is very classic. It has 3 VCOs based on the CEM 3340 chip, each with triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waveform outputs. They also offer a 1V/oct input, sync,  pulse width modulation (PWM), and a mod input. Then, it has a 24dB lowpass filter with an integrated three-channel mixer with level control.

Next, there is a single VCA, two separate ADSR envelopes that can be routed to the amp & filter or in a different way, and two 1-3 multiples. The latter also hosts some white and pink noise generators. Last but not least, it includes a sample & hold and power module.

The Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco comes with a pack of 12 patch cables and lovely Befaco Banauts perfect to add contrasts to the white system. Interestingly, the system also includes an Arturia Keystep with which you can start immediately. Not sure whether the system will be delivered in this very special unique case. The pictures look like renders and the developer does not give any details on this. It would be nice.

Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco 2021

At first glance a small, very classic modular Synthesizer. There is nothing completely new about the Recosynth modular synth, I think what stands out about this product is the very special case by Arthur Joly. It’s definitely unique and creative even if the features of the synth are rather standard. The price for this handcrafted instrument, however, is pretty affordable.

Recosynth Recosynth Sistema Euro Reco 2021 is available now for $7,000 Brazilian which is 1150€ +/- plus shipping and import taxes.

More information here: Recosynth 

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  1. I hate to say it, but that price doesn’t sound so that reasonable to me. You could get a couple of neutrons and a keystep pro for less than that and you would have LFOs and four oscillators. Or you could build your own eurorack system… Sorry it looks really cool, I’m sure it’s worth it. Behringer sucks anyway, I dunt want to be the one advocating for the big evil corporations

    • The developer wrote on the Synth Anatomy Facebook page an explication: “Here in Brasil, we do not have any access to the complex modules. Just a few people can afford to pay 100% taxes to get a simple Doepfer LFO. We do not have patch cables, we do not have decent jacks. So this is just a beginning to try to bring some modular pleasure to the third world. Maybe one day we can change this and begin to buy modular as normal people around the world”. Yes Behringer is an affordable way to start but not according to the developer in Brasil due of high taxes.

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