Endorphin.es Running Order 2.0 Firmware Adds Ratcheting, Probability & More

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Endorphin.es Running Order, a very compact SH-101-style sequencer takes off into 2021 with a new 2.0 firmware with ratcheting, probability & more.

Last October, the Barcelona-based Eurorack company Endorphin.es presented the Running Order module, a very compact, feature-rich trigger sequencer. SH-101 style sequencing, euclidean pattern generations, and other small but useful functions make the module very tempting.

It has been on the market for almost three months and there is already a fresh firmware with many new functions. In firmware 2.0 the entire sequencer engine becomes more powerful and solid.

Endorphin.es Running Order 2.0

Endorphin.es Running Order 2.0

With firmware 2.0, Running Folder has received more sophisticated features. It starts with a new live recording functionality. Now you can record simply a sequence by toggling the Track select switch to the side. The current sequence will continue playing until you enter a new sequence and switch back to the center.

Ratcheting and Probability are now also part of the feature set and for me, they are the highlights of this update. To activate it, you need to jump into the record state. In the ratchet mode, the sequencer produces per step not only one trigger but up to 3 times more. This means you have up to 4 in total with one original trigger. Also, you can set the probability of how often a step is played.  You can set this from 1% to 100%, similar to what you know from other sequencers or from the new Ableton Live 11. With little effort, you can quickly create deeper, varied sequences. If you don’t touch these modes, the probability is always at 100% and all the ratchets are off.

The new firmware 2.0 also introduces offset and probability functionalities in the euclidean mode. This makes this mode even more versatile. Besides this, the developers also improved the sync inputs. This reduced the sync latency to a very low amount of 100 microseconds. Plus, they fixed a bug where the divider knob didn’t have any effect on the speed of the track with an external clock while the repeats knob was set to fully CCW.

A nice firmware update 2.0 with inspiring new features for a great module.

Endorphin.es Running Ordner 2.0 is available now as a free download for existing customers. The module is available for 155€ worldwide.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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