3 Glitchmachines Plugins For Each $2 & Get AAS Session Bundle For FREE!

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3 Glitchmachines plugins (Cataract sampler, Quadrant modular system & Fracture XT glitch processor) each only for $2 and get the amazing AAS Session Bundle for FREE!

Christmas is over but there is no reason for new cool deals. So until January 9, there are three super creative plugins from Glitchmachines for only $ 2. This is the Caract Sampler, Quadrant modular system and Fracture XT. So a wide range of plugins, with which you can design crazy experimental sounds.

On top, you will get for limited time the AAS Session Bundle that features 3 plugins based on physical modelling for FREE!. An amazing offer in my opinion, especially for musicians with a love for sound design!

Glitchmachines Holiday Sale


Cataract features an arsenal of sample scanners with integrated modulation sequencers, generative parameters and various morphing functions. This makes it possible to construct architecturally complex patterns ranging from nuanced percussive articulations to intricate particle sound effects and all-out glitch chaos.

Quadrant is a modular sound generator and effects processor. Its open-ended graphical patching system and diverse set of modules give you access to a highly customizable processing environment capable of a broad range of effects. Quadrant’s intuitive workflow and vast sonic potential will inspire you to push the envelope, while its flexible architecture invites you to try imaginative new routing scenarios.

Fracture XT is a patchable glitch processor designed to facilitate the creation of mind-bending malfunctions, contorted articulations and evolving digital textures. FXT builds on the strengths of the critically acclaimed Fracture plugin with the addition of a new granular processor as well as improved buffer, delay and multi-mode filter algorithms.

Glitchmachines Cataract, Quadrant and Fracture XT are now on sale for each $2 USD until January 9th, 2019. For limited get the AAS Session Bundle for free with every purchase.

More information here:  Glitchmachines

Christmas Music Tech Deals 2018

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